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ImplDoll 2010 Colorurful Life line & *Dorisy* in Bule skin

Aug 11, 2010

    1. Hi Everyone​

      we are happy to let you know that ImplDoll 2010 Colorurful Life line & *Dorisy* in Bule skin will coming soon.More detail will be update soon.Please be concerned with our New doll. :D

    2. her bust looks different to me .. does she have a bigger chest than your other girls?
    3. This thread has been closed while the Mods discuss whether or not this doll is on-topic for Den of Angels. Thank you for your understanding.
    4. The Moderation team has determined that Dorisy is on-topic for Den of Angels. This thread is now open.
    5. What size is she? MSD or SD?
    6. Ellanie, if you click on the image in the top post, it links to her sale page and all information about her is there.
    7. she has same chest like our other girls.XD
    8. I received word from the company, (cause I sent them a personal message about her) She'll be released Aug 15th! :D
    9. Hi,our Dorisy has been released.@^_^@.

      We offer free walking stick if customer order Dorisy between 15 August to August 25.Don't miss this chance.