Event Impldoll 2019 FB Thanksgiving Day event opened.

Nov 28, 2019

    1. Impldoll 2019 FB Thanksgiving Day event opened.
      Thank you for your love for us all the time.^___^

      Follow our homepage in Facebook and share this message.the fans who have followed us have opportunities to get head for a big discount(the fans who have followed us also can participate in the activities)

      Activity contents:

      Considering that many people will not be able to enjoy this opportunity if the head style is limited, we have decided to offer all basic heads for you to choose.limited head not include.You can only buy a maximum of 2 heads per person.

      you only pay $50 (including freight cost.), and then please email us. The email content includes: your Facebook ID and your Paypal account so that we can send paypal invoice to you. The skin colors of the free heads : real skin, white skin, pink skin ,Tan skin,gray skin. .If you need make-up services, you need to pay another $38.

      PS: while you send emails to us, please tell us your detail addresses and Telephone numbers, which are of great importance!!!

      Our email address is: [email protected]

      Event date 2019.11.29- 2019.12.1

      Thank you for your time.^^

      IMPLDOLL Team.
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    2. Do I understand this correctly? Any person who likes the Impldoll Facebook page and shares the post about the sale can get any non-limited Impldoll head for $50? (Maximum of 2 heads per person)

      or is this more like a lottery, where there will be random winners, chosen from the people who share the post?
    3. I am not affiliated with Impldoll, but in their past events, anyone who likes the FB page, shares the post and emails the company can get 1-2 non-limited heads for $50 each. It is not a lottery. Hope that helps! :)
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