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ImplDoll Babies

Oct 11, 2011

    1. Hey everyone, I've got a question! I'm new to dolls, and recently while at convention, I saw a set of dolls that I absolutely LOVED :D But couldn't get at the time :( Well, after doing some poking around on here I found out their faces (and one's full body) appeared to be Impldolls!

      But I'm having an issue.

      The set of feet that the specific pair I wanted had, are not on their website. Could this be that they just had special parts? Or is there another doll company that makes similar looking dolls?

    2. I don;t believe there are simliar dolls out there you may just need to try and contact the con seller and see what she did
    3. I can't even remember the name of the booth :c
    4. What did the feet look like? As best as you can remember and describe them?
    5. The best way to describe them, was that they looked like tiny demon feet. Three toed with claws,rounded. I checked, thinking they could maybe be impldoll cat feet or chicken feet but neither were correct.