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**IMPLDOLL**Baby doll released and Fantasia count update~

Feb 18, 2010

    1. Hello!​

      This is IMPLDOLL~

      We are happy introduce our new Baby doll Jasper and Pinky released.Hope your lots of interests~~~​

    2. Is she a limited edition?
    3. Fantasia in Lavender Skin is LE50 (Limited Edition 50).

      Doll Price: USD$405.00

      Additional Costs

      Face-Up: USD$38.00
      Blushing (all hands and feet only NOT body): USD$60.00
      Clothes (dress, belt, veil): USD$36.00
      Wig: USD$23.00

      As soon as the LE50 dolls sell out they will offer other skin colors for the Fantasia sculpt.

      Ask your local IMPLDOLL retailer if they will be taking pre-orders before the March release.


      In answer to midnitestar7 below: I'll ask about clothes, including wig and shoes, as well. I'll update soon as all questions have been answered.
    4. Will she not come with any clothes then? Thanks!:)
    5. I dont see on your website. Can you provide link?
    6. LuvPetDolls: Elf Fantasia LE50 is due for March release, so she won't be up on the IMPLdoll web site yet. Some retailers, like myself, may take orders earlier.

      Personally, I want to get all information on Fantasia answered and included on the listing. I'll provide the link when she's up, for anyone who wants to buy through me. :)
    7. shes awsome... what other colors is she going to be released in or only this lavender
    8. Eloisa: Lavender is only for the LE50. After that, she'll be available in the usual available colours -- White and Real (Normal) skin.
    9. Ok, updates!

      About clothes, wig and shoes: Nothing special at this time. She can wear any of the 1/3 clothes, wigs and shoes (pointed feet won't fit the shoes, however). As per usual with most of their dolls, if clothes are made for the basic Fantasia sets (after LE50's are sold) they will be available an additional cost to the price of the doll.

      About blushing: It has to be requested for blushing on the extra hands and feet. Please be sure to tell your IMPLDOLL retailer that you want this done, if the option isn't available already in ordering. (It will be with me.) There is no extra charge for the blushing on the extra hands and feet with the $100.00 blushing charge.

      Pre-order Elf Fantasia (LE50) through Sakura Den by clicking here.
      (You can also just PM me.)

      Please Note: My limit is 5 for now. I may increase this as they're getting close the 0 mark in my store, and if Fantasia LE50 isn't sold out yet with IMPLDOLL.
    10. Update:

      Apologies, I made a mistake in listing.

      There's question in the wording of the blushing. Blushing is confirmed only for the hands and feet, not for the body.

      Edit: Confirmed that body is not included with the blushing. Hands and feet only.
    11. Will she have magnetic ears like Eugene and Ember?
    12. twinklingfae: Originally I believed the ears to be fixed. However, we just received news that the ears are magnetic like Eugene and Embers ears.

      Thanks for all the questions!
      I'm happy to find the answers. :)
    13. What other ears will be included?
    14. Update on the blushing issue:

      Body is NOT included in the blushing due to issues with the blush rubbing off during shipment. It also would not stay on the body well once a customer receives the doll and carries her around.

      Also, the blushing of hands and feet includes: the human hands and feet, high heel feet and extra Elf hands and feet

      Guessing they want to be better safe than sorry with offering full body blush. I'm certain a DoA aestheticism would body blush her for you, if you wanted it. :)

      StudioPandora'sBones: I've asked about extra ears. Will update with answer soon.

      Her Purple wig is available for USD$23.00.
    15. Fantasia is now available for ordering at Doll Peddlar. Lovely lovely Lavender!
      All of our dolls include the blushing
      and leaf painting as well as faceup.
      Fantasia has magnetic ears.
      Limited to 50.
      More details available in her listing on our website.
    16. Update:

      IMPLDOLL has lowered the price of the blushing to $70.00.

      I offer it for $60.
    17. I just wanted to give people a heads up that only 38 out of the 50 are still available! There is also talk that Impldoll will only sell this doll through their North American distributors! So contact you local Impldoll agent soon!
    18. Forgot to mention, Resin Shop is also taking pre-orders for Fantasia! Email us at resinshop@aol.com to reserve your doll! :)
    19. what is the wait time for this beauty?