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IMPLDOLL *Demon Hunter* Miguel Released~

Apr 25, 2010

    1. Hi Everyone

      This is IMPLDOLL~

      We are pleased to introduce our new doll.*Demon Hunter* Miguel Released. This is limited edition (limited 100 pieces in the world). We will provide three kinds of skin color for customer to choice.:aheartbea

    2. The moderators will need to see more photographs and stats in order to deem whether or not this unique sculpt will meet the DoA criteria for topicness.
    3. We have seen more photos and this doll is deemed on-topic for DoA!
    4. Is it limited to 100 of each color or 100 total?
    5. Any idea as to when he will be released and when we will get to see more finalised pictures? I would love to see him painted!
      Also - Will there be options to have human legs etc?
    6. Hi.total of 100 limited.^^
    7. Will there be a HUMAN version of this head?
    8. Hi,No Human head~