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IMPLDOLL Fantasia Discussion thread

Feb 18, 2010

    1. OMG this doll is amazing i really wish i could afford her! but car must come first! -pines- i love the shade of purple! usually all i see purple looks more like puke grey or blueberry yogurt color but this is gorgeous!
    2. Wow! She is fantastic!

      I'm really impressed with your newer dolls! I have Ember on order with Denver Doll, and can't wait for her to come home!
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    3. Well, somehow, I see in your dolls a lot resemblance to Soom's Monthly limited dolls. I mean, those spider-like hands are exactly as Soom's special hands (Heliot, Chalco, Topaz, etc.) and the feet are just like Topaz's fairy feet. This is not all, your Ember's ears are just like Amber's ears (even the name is similar). I have to say I'm a bit confused. :nowords:

      This new doll of yours is really pretty though.
    4. I feel the same as you, varjostin o__O
    5. There are similiarities, but I think there are more differences. These aren't copied pieces, but I can tell that they were inspired by Soom. I've seen this type of inspiration cross from one company to another on mulitple occasions. Who can blame Impldoll for being inspired by Soom's monthly dolls?? They OOZE inspiration.
    6. Varjostin/Shin: I'm thirding the sentiment o_O; Also, i'm definitly seeing some Cuprit attributes in Fantasia. Maybe she and Ember were inspired by Soom?

      (Also, is anyone else seeing DoD resemblence in some of IMPL's mini ranged dolls, and various other resemblance in some of their other sculpts?)
    7. Torren, I noticed the DoD resemblence too, ages ago! I just didn't think things in this way then, but now as you mentioned, I remembered.
    8. So I'm not the only one! This is what caught me more offguard than the Soom resemblances. I was actually thrown for quite a loop. Not to throw accusatory statements out willy-nilly of course!
    9. Well, in European myth and legend elves traditionally have pointed feet...
    10. There are quite a bit of people speculating that IMPL is somehow copying SOom. IMHO, that is not true from what I see. I know a lot of artwork based on faeries that have the same look as Fantasia and Topaz. Just because one company thought to do one first, doesn't mean all others are copying.
      That said, it may be possible they are inspired. But to say that a company is copying another can be a little hurtful to the people who put the work into it rather than saying they are inspired. I would hate to see this lovely girl dissappear because people accuse the company of copying (I have seen it before).

      ANYWAY! I personally like this girl. Her color is absolutely stunning!
    11. Jisatsu: If "copying" was implied (by my words, at least), it was implied more as a copying of ideas (via "inspiration"), not the direct recasting sort of copying.

      Sort of how plagerism is equally wrong when someone copies someone elses work by both copy/pasting text or paraphrasing without citation. Both can get you kicked out of college ^.~;;
    12. I think they're too similar with Soom. I'm not saying that fayries aren't similar in general but IMPLDOLL is just TOO similar to Soom and this is what I say. Not only this doll but Ember too and even the name is practically the same. I can understand fayries but not the other similarities and with this doll, even the hands and face resemble Soom T__T

    13. Ember comes with "animal"/faun ears, but she also has magnetic human and elf ears. Her face is nothing like Soom's Amber. What I think we are seeing is another company who wants to do more than just make a pretty doll. They want to do some fantasy items as well. Right now, Soom is the only other company who really does this.....so of course they will be compared.

      **Edit to say**
      Ember has a "Fantasy Twin" brother named Eugene. It could be mere coincidence that Ember came up with a name so close to Soom's Amber.
    14. I agree with this. It is not fair to say they are copying is what I am getting at. I am not implying anyone said they were recasts. I am saying, I have seen dolls that were considered copies(not exactly recasts) be taken down even though there were many points different about them. I ddi not see the Faun ears at all. I saw the faerie ears. They are super cute.
    15. What makes it SOOM that 'came up' with the idea? Theres many other artists before soom that have done pointy feet/long fingers (Take Brian Froud for example: [​IMG]
      ) Maybe Soom got the inspiration from Him? Whenever you read or see elves, they have long limbs.
      What I'm trying to say is those aspects of a faerie/elf are what make a faerie/elf, a faerie/elf.
      Also, SOOM's Topaz feet, are very much longer then this one.
    16. Ember and Amber have very similar faces o_O aside from their obviously similar names and ears, Ember's face is very much shaped like Amber's, the eyes are similar, along with the overall style. While they were obviously sculpted by different hands and both have a different final image, i think Ember was intentionally made to resemble Amber. Eugene, too, really.

      I think its far too coincidental to say that a second company wanted to do "fauna" ears/style and, by coincidence, created a very similar headmold, and named it one letter off of the first. ^^;;

      Also, while Ember's ears might be "fairy" ears, its impossible to not see the resemblance/inspiration from Amber's ears. Both are the same droopy sort of ear, without lobes or a "human" looking base. It's not that the elongated fingers, ears, or limbs are the issue, its more that it seems like impl is taking direct inspiration from a number of companies--not just soom ^.~;
    17. Agreed with Jisatsu. I admit that Fantasia looks much different than previous Impldoll sculpts, and that the style is similar to Soom's MD style, but otherwise, many other companies have done/are starting to do Soom inspired things with their dolls, i.e. faun legs up the wazoo.

      On a related note, Ember on DDE doesn't even LOOK anything like Soom's Amber, and the ears aren't even that similar. Besides, drooping elf ears are certainly not anything Soom introduced to fantasy or dolls, as they already existed before Soom's MDs in both forms. As for Impldolls' minis...that's even less of an issue. Vaguely, if at all, inspired by DOD's facial style. Fantasia is the only one with an actually arguable issue for her Soom-reminiscent face and special hand and feet parts.

      **Edit** I do agree that the similarities are not just "coincidental" and that Impldoll certainly drew from Soom for these new fantasy dolls. However, in my opinion, I just don't think the overreaction that people are having is justified in regards to Fantasia AND Ember/Eugene AND even their MSD sized dolls.
    18. I don't think that the problem is that Impldoll is also doing FANTASY dolls, it's that they are doing fantasy dolls that look similar to SOOM dolls. I'm not going to point fingers, but it can be a bit suspicious. I can see the similarities in Ember's ears to Amber's - and the name is so close that it had to have been intentional. Fantasia is a beautiful girl, but her hands ARE similar to the Soom god master hands (and also to the Cass parts, as I believe I see scales on her wrists); and her fairy feet are very similar to Topaz's. I can also see a bit of a resemblance to Cuprit in her lips - they look like smaller versions of Cuprit lips to me. I even went to grab my mom's Cuprit to double check if I was seeing things right!

      There are many different interpretations of fairies, so I wonder why Impldoll decided to go with the idea that had already been done by another company? Why not give her some different sort of fairy feet?

      Either way, that resin is absolutely lovely, and I love her eyes and nose. If only those lips weren't so small, I may have been smitten! Impldoll should definitely continue doing dolls in these fantasy colors, as I think they're very good at it, but I also think they should maybe try to stray from the norm a little more. :)
    19. The faces are different, but the fantasy options they are emphasizing aren't. Ember and Eugene were obviously "inspired" by Amber. While Ember/Eugene have changeable ears, the focus is obviously on their "animal" (faun) ears.

      The same goes for Fantasia's hands and feet. Obviously inspired by Topaz and some of the other unique MD hands.

      Don't misunderstand me, I'm not trying to discriminate against IMPLDoll... But sometimes inspiration can border on blatant copying.

      Granted, they are focusing on fantasy dolls. Soom's MDs are some of the most admired fantasy sculpts. IMPLDoll, instead of releasing dolls that are inspired by or similar to Soom, should look into making their own perfectly unique sculpts with unique fantasy parts.

      Then, there would be no question of "blatant copying" or "inspiration".

      That being said, I do admire this girl's face. Very unique! :)

    20. This was my first thought when Ember was released last month as well. To me, she bears a more-than-coincidental resemblance to Amber. And I will admit that when I first saw Fantasia, my first thought was "Oh, look, purple Topaz." Their faces are much more different to me than Ember/Amber, but I can't help but feel like Impl might being a little too inspired by Soom of late.

      And I feel like there was a hesitation to talk about it on Ember/Eugene's boards. I know a few people who own Ambers, and they had noted the resemblances too, but didn't want to mention them on the discussion thread for fear of hostility. I was one of those people, because I felt maybe I was being too critical. But now that Fantasia has been released and my first though was again of an MD, I'm not so sure.

      I am all for the influx of fantasy-themed dolls that have shown up from different companies, and by no means think Soom should hold the monopoly on fantasy-inspired dolls. All I am saying is that from my perspective, the resemblances between their recent releases are a little too familiar for my tastes. I found Impl's initial basic releases to be very creative and unique, but I cannot say the same about their more recent ones.