IMPLDOLL Fantasy Tiny Discussion.^^

Jul 9, 2010

    1. Oh no, I looked at Angelesque's Impldoll page and now I have visions of a circle of fauns dancing in my head... The thing I'd like to know is, how many heads *are* there? I can't quite tell if, say, Aiden and Giden are different... I think they are, but I couldn't swear to it. And I *really* want an Ives.
    2. The YoSD bodies do, generally, fit in little fee sized clothing. The one thing you need to watch for is the wrists/armholes as Little Fees have removable hands to deal with non-elastic wrist cuffs, and Impldoll Babies do not.
    3. Thank you :)
    4. This is Mimizan, a IMPLdoll Pinky. I bought her new with an missing ear. (for quite some discount) Face up is made by Think Pink, Marcia i believe but i cant remember it.

    5. Poor thing, missing an ear! But she's found a home and she looks fab. Love her outfit and accessories.
    6. This is how she look now, older, muscular, breasts and 2 ears again. She is a Dwelf (Dwarf Elvish race) of about 40 years old. They are small yet phisical strong.

    7. They grow up so quick, haha! Did you mod her? I can't tell if you've carved out her arm muscles or if it's very clever shading. Or both? Her colouring definitely looks different. Nice work
    8. Not by carving, but by ad apoxie sculpt i create the stubby, muscular look of dwarfs. She is grey skin and the apoxie was nearly the same color so i tried to blush her without pray paint to body. I have to match her face a bit.
    9. Wow, I'm impressed! Additive mods can be tricky - if the apoxie is a similar colour it helps but it's still hard to get it to look seamless. Well done :)
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    11. WOW!!! You did an amazing job making her look adult!!! I am in awe.
    12. That is really impressively done. I like how the mods follow the lines of muscles so they look natural. There's not much detail in the arms and legs of the Impldoll baby body so it's interesting to see.

      My Gela is causing me problems again. I decided I had too many doll names ending in -n and since she has been the most stubborn in accepting a name, hers should be the one to change. Although I do like Lyrian. Maybe I just need to try to not be bothered by having a Lyrian, Kirin, Tristan, Finnian and Heilan. Although Katinka just came to mind...I need to change her outfit. That may help.