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Jul 9, 2010

    1. The YoSD bodies do, generally, fit in little fee sized clothing. The one thing you need to watch for is the wrists/armholes as Little Fees have removable hands to deal with non-elastic wrist cuffs, and Impldoll Babies do not.
    2. Thank you :)
    3. It's been a while since I've played with my Teno, Arlo. I saw this on a doll at the store and just had to get it. XD
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    4. Hello, I was wondering if anyone who's bought the Saya doll could help? Did she automatically come with the animal body parts or the regular human body or did she come with both human legs and animal legs?

      I ask as I bought one last year thinking it defaults with the animals parts (the reason I specially bought that doll as wanted the animals legs for a character i'm shelling). But i've now received the doll and it's just has the regular human legs and hands. When I ordered there was no option to select the regular body so i'm confused as to why that has happened.

      It's urgent as i'm trying to find out if the dealer is at fault for ordering the wrong body or if I needed to have specified I wanted the animal body to get that or if Impledoll has forgotten to include the extra parts if it was supposed to come with both human and animal legs.
      Tomorrow (28th) is the last day I can open a Paypal dispute which I think I may be forced to due to the dealer being very flaky and deliberately ignoring messages/problems. It would be super useful to know what the normal default parts for the doll are before I open the dispute!

      Thanks for any help :D
    5. I chose the Teno as my gift doll when I placed my order directly with Impl during the last event. He came to me with human and hooved legs/feet (he was strung with the human legs) as well as the horn, a gripping hand and the mace weapon. I didn't have to request the hooved legs separately. I was surprised that the horn was blushed as I hadn't requested that but I did pay extra for the default face-up so I assume the horn blushing was part of the face-up.
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    6. On the product description for Saya it shows:

      So you should have gotten both. Your dealer shorted you (and if it's the one I suspect based on other threads I've read, I'm honestly not terribly surprised). Open your claim.
    7. Thanks @Iron_Dog & @vicemage for the confirmation! I wanted to make sure I hadn't misunderstood something somewhere before I attempted to sort it out. Unfortunately despite paypal saying I could open a claim today, it's been denied as it's past the 180 day limit (uh, make up your mind paypal!). I just have to have my fingers crossed that Impledoll will be nice and send the missing parts even though the dealer isn't dealing for them anymore.:eusa_pray
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    8. Good luck! I hope they can help you get what you paid for, and you should definitely report that the dealer shorted you in the relevant threads here too so others know about it.
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    9. Thank you! :hug: As the extra parts come in separate bags it is possible that Impledoll simply forgot to add them to the package. Ideally the dealer should have noticed there were parts missing but given that every single order I received though other dealers and doll companies last year all had parts missing then it seems to be a thing. :sweat
    10. Oh man, what a lousy run of luck. I hope it's getting better for you!
    11. I couldn't find an ongoing thread about these little guys so thought I would start one if that's OK!

      Company website: Welcome to impldoll

      DOA wiki:


      I've just got my first IMPLdoll, she's the Olina sculpt and I got her because I love her serious little face. She has a really nice weight to her and she's a solid little poser, I'm really pleased. She has her factory faceup which came with a couple of flaws, though I've been able to fix those to my (not all that strict) satisfaction.




      Anyone else?
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    12. (Agh sorry! I swear I searched so hard for an existing thread - thanks for merging :doh)
    13. Oh my goodness, deinosor. Your Olina photos just made me add one to my Impldoll wish list. She is adorable!
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