IMPLDOLL Tiny Discussion.^^

Jul 9, 2010

    1. Talk about IMPLDOLL baby doll :D
    2. Ooh, I really like the cat girl's face a lot! And the tree baby is so innovative! I love his little flower hands! AND they're available in grey skin too... nifty!
    3. Oh goodness the little tree baby is so cute. ; ~ ; Are they limited?
    4. They are so cute! I was wondering when they would get posted here (aernath pointed them out earlier). ;) There are so many things that could be done with them! :D
    5. Woah... those are amazing! I love Harley!

      Lucky for me (and my bank account) they're boys :) Otherwise I would have been in trouble ;)
    6. I believe Aimee is a girl, actually.
    7. Yup, Aimee is on the girl Imp baby page. But who knows. . . if you wanted Harley as a girl you could always ask. ;) I can picture him in a cloak made of autumn leaves. Aimee in gray (especially with those eyes) would make a cute blue point Siamese. :XD:
    8. I love Aimee's face and Harley's body. I love the little dryad. I wonder if they will ever do tan skin.
    9. Ack! Poor Midnightstar, although if they aren't limited she's probably safe...are their dolls of this size really only $120?! OMG! That can't be right...but little tree boy is sweet as honey, and just puts all sorts of ideas into my head, he could be a beautiful tree, even in wonderful grey-tone!

    10. These might be a little more because of the extra parts, but yes Impl's are very reasonably priced.

      Yes! A beech tree! Or a mallorn if you're into LotR. :XD:
    11. I wonder how these guys would match in proportion and colour in grey with soom? Because I've got an incoming Grit head that would look amazing as a tiny tree creature!
    12. *looks around for Tygati* She'd know exactly, if I recall correctly there is a small difference but it could probably be overcome with blushing (Impl is slightly lighter with a bluish tint?). But that was in comparison with Euclase. . . I don't know if Soom's gray has changed since. I think Impl's babies are slightly shorter that Soom's? Hmm, Jasper is gender neutral so I wonder if these guys are neutral too or if they made gendered bodies. Seems odd to hide that behind a butterfly if there's nothing to see. :lol:
    13. We've got a Miguel and a Bygg and found that Miguel has a slightly blue tint, as xtal said.
    14. I like Harley alot, the elegant hands and such. I'm not too found of the sculpted on flower and leaves that are on his hand and arm....they're kinda cartoony. The face is really sweet though. I like the shape of the features on the cat girl too, I think I'd like her better w/ eyebrows thou >.<
    15. OMG cute. *___* I don't want any more littles, but... omg cute!

      The little Ent/Dryad is so adorable and kitty!

      ... I so do not need an army of tinies, Impldoll. *whimper*

      Also, oh now they leave enough room for butt-magnets, after I spend an hour drilling a hollow in Surprise's toosh! ^.~
    16. Hmmm, a small tint off would be fine, I could totally get that blushed to match. I'm excited because Impl's dolls are so reasonably priced, and even with fantasy parts would be cheaper then the other tiny grey body I was considering. And also this means strange fantasy creature! :D

      I doubt people would be interested in a split though. There aren't enough tiny grey bodies to go around, let alone someone having a spare that they've been waiting for a head for! xD

      I'll wait to see the price, but I am feeling very pro getting a grey Harley. I hope they are gender neutral, or that it would be easy to switch out to a female body if they aren't.
    17. My Impl Jasper is listed under the 'boy' section, but he is most definitely gender-neutral. ^^;; Poor guy.

      Impl grey is a bit lighter and bluer than Soom grey. I've begun blushing it a bit to see how much I have to do, but I'm not overly worried since I had to really work at it to get it to show up in pictures.

      I like Aimee's ears, though I think it's Harley that's going to test my patience. Such a sweet little face. And did you see, in the blushing pictures? Those ears are actually sculpted with leaf patterns! *dies* Omg the cute.
    18. I really like the little dryad! It's so different. :) And the little cat is cute, though I have no need for a cat tiny. But the dryad though....gah, so many dolls that I want right now!
    19. Those two are insanely adorable and loveable. Curses Impl for releasing such cute and probably affordable tinies when I'm about to have extra money.*_* Must resist to urge to buy both as soon as they go on sale. Or at least wait until we know if they're limited.

      But ooooh, there are little flowers and leaves sculpted into Harley. That is too neat!
    20. Oh dude, cat baby ... DO WANT. I hope she's not limited. I love their faces!