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ImplDoll; Imp Child 43cm Discussion

Nov 5, 2009

    1. I can't believe I'm starting one of these.

      New company from China, ImplDoll!

      Imp Child GIRLS

      Imp Child BOYS

      ImplDoll Database for all ImplDoll sculpts.

      Resin match thread
      No waiting room has been started for the company yet.

      ImplDoll distributes dolls to the US through Resin-Shop, Denver Doll Emporium, Junky Spot, and DollPeddler.
      I'm not sure about distributors outside of the US.

      From what I have seen and read from other users, Imp Child are very nice posers, especially for the price, but are some of the slimmest of the slim. ImplDoll is making a good collection of outfits specially suited for their dolls, but the strong style may not work for everyone. I'll be happy to post any info on clothes that do or don't fit as everyone figures it out, and if someone start making clothes or pattern for them.

      .....Mod Notes......

      ImplDoll Child 43cm discussion:

      ImplDoll Young 46cm discussion:
    2. Yeah, I was surprised that no one had started a thread for the Imp Child dolls yet. They needed one.

      I'm happy that ImplDoll white skin is a great resin match to Fairyland white. Vivien is absolutely perfect for me, but I'm trying to decide if I want to hybrid him or not. Imp Child bodies are great, but he'll be so much smaller than my mini girl!
    3. I just need confirmation if NS matches Fairyland? I can't quite find the answer yet, but I'm hoping someone will say... :)
    4. Not normal skin, Fairyland white skin matches Impl white. If your DES is white, I'd get the Impl body.
    5. Shoot :( No, she is NS, I'm not too fond of WS. Do you know how well it does with Lati? I might try to get a boy head... :D Lait is very yellowish compared to Fairyland. Thanks :D
    6. Oh, ask that in the resin match thread. I don't think anyone has brought out a Lati yet. Though, I want a Vivien for his face, but now I don't think I'll hybrid him after all. After seeing what an Imp Star (ImplDoll's SD sized line) can do, I'm pretty sure I'll be satisfied with his body.

      That, and I really dig the clothes ImplDoll is making for these kids. It reminds me of those wonderfully odd designers from Project Runway.

      Off-topic, but if you're still worried about your DES, Dollzone Y-Normal should work for you, too, if she's normal skin. It's a very close match.
    7. Well, for my DES, I've already bought back in September, a ResinSoul body for her. It's now my sleeping Lishe head that I want to mod open and I'm thinking of a Lati Blue boy ;P But he may not work out so well in the Lati body, as it's very thin and I was going to pair him up with an Iplehouse.... so... ugh :P I'll just get another IH for her I guess, though I do need a Lati Rucas, they're so handsome... but I guess I'll pair him up with another doll :D
    8. Hi there. I received my Impchild Abdul on the 18th of this month. He came blank but now has a face which we would like to share. lol

      here is Ty blank with Van (DOC Hoo)

      here he is with his new face, curtesy of Raven Moon,
      ignore the wig we are waiting for better one from Spite & Malice.

    9. Garnet Finally Got some acceptable Clothes and shoes so here's a pic of her.

    10. Thankyou! She's an implchild Joyce in white skin with factory face-up.
    11. Raven Moons mum, great face-up on Abdul. I just received my Abdul, too, but he has a standard face-up. Pics below!

      T2P, I love your Joyce. Great clothes and pose!

      Here's a shot of my Abdul

    12. Sissy arrived today! Yay! Her body is very slim, so she can wear almost all of the Tyler/Alex outfits, and she stood right out of the box.

      But the poor thing needs some new duds. She needs a wig, shoes and new eyes, and I need some advice on sizes.

      A 6/7 monique wig is just a little big on her.

      Her feet are very small, and the shoes that fit my Sprite are too big on her.

      Her eyes seem tiny - any suggestions on the size? She came with sort of fishy colored eyes that need replacing!

      Thank you!
    13. I don't know if this was posted anywhere, but the impldoll child clothes fit Ringdoll kids really, really well.

      I can't wait to save up enough for my Vivien ^_^.
    14. My Abdul takes 12 mm eyes, but his eyes are quite "slitty," so I'm not sure if she'd be the same. 14 mm would be the largest, though.
    15. Finally, Sissy is ready for her first photo shoot. It took a little while to work up the nerve to break out the pastels and try a faceup! She can't make up her mind which wig to keep, so we're experimenting.
    16. Has anyone found shoes that fit the Imp Child girl body? My poor girl is wearing a pair of Mint On Card shoes but they are about 1+cm too big!
    17. There are a million other things I should be doing right now but I just HAD to share first pics and impression. :-D

      First off the pics! No faceups, not the final eye choice. "Abdul" on the left wears some of a Dollzone outfit (mostly big as expected) and "Eddie" wears a Guessdoll outfit which fits better than expected! BTW, those are their sculpt names, not mine.

      Pardon the poor lighting (hence the flash)...


      These boys are MUCH cuter in person and IMO without faceups. Can't wait to paint them up myself. Also they ARE as awesome at posing as the company photos suggest. I'll have to post examples (and nude pics) when time allows for more play. They are completely sturdy/stable and can stand with knees even slightly bent and their arms hold - no wiring, gluing - this is right out of the box today!

      All and all I am VERY happy I took a chance with this new company. I can hardly believe the quality for the price. Looking forward to more time with these boys!
    18. Abdul...

    20. This doll looks great! Is this white skin or real skin color? Also is that a factory face-up? Thanks for any info! JSG

      I reposted the pic so you knew who I was talking about and to help me out, Thanks again!