New Doll *IMPLDOLL*New Asian style PeiYing/裴影 released.

Oct 23, 2019

    1. Dear all friends

      “The collected biographies of emperor’s guards” is coming. The dolls of Asian style, of which many of you are expecting, are launched at last. The inspiration of the design for this collection is originated from “the sixteen guards in the ministry footman system of Sui and Tang Dynasty”, the sixteen guards are originally named as the sixteen prefectures, during the second year of Longshuo (662), Emperor Gaozong of Tang Dynasty changed the names for the officials of all ranks and descriptions. Since then, its name was officially determined as the sixteen guards. The sixteen guards are set at the central authority, twelve of the sixteen guards are the lead agencies of ministry footman: the guards on the left and right, the valiant guards on the left and right, the martial guards on the left and right, the mighty guards on the left and right, the leading guards on the left and right and the Jinwu guards on the left and right etc. are the attendants and the guards of honors for the emperor. Every juvenile has an erecting posture like a green pine, the vigorous imposing manner like the blazing sun, the resplendent two eyes like a pair of stars embedded under the straight eyebrows. This is what we want to display in this collection, that is the image of a juvenile with an imposing appearance. Although this collection is originated in Sui and Tang Dynasty, many of the materials for the garment are applied with cow leather and metal nail and stitched by hands to present the imposing appearance of a heroic juvenile as a guard at the imperial palace which is different from the traditional Chinese fashion. More dolls will be launched successively for this collection, your support as usual will be highly appreciated! Next we will introduce our first heroic juvenile, - Pei Ying, a Jinwu Guard.

      Pei Ying was born in a family of valet. As a smart child, he read all the classical books. With the superior talent, his discussion is smooth and his writing is immediate. He is keen on military tactics to control the situation in the tent and win the war from thousand miles away. In the first year of Yifeng, he was selected as a Jinwu Guard to command the guards on duty at night for the Imperial Palace. One day, he traveled with the emperor.

      PS:we have event for this new doll.fullset will be get 10% discount.we will send the discount refund after make the payment.


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    2. Will you guys put up a blank photo of him?
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    3. Is that the same head we saw before? He looks so different?
    4. Yes,this is the same head we published on our Facebook.^^