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**IMPLDOLL**New Baby line coming soon.New color/New translucent hands&ears

Nov 24, 2009

    1. Oh these babies are wonderful! Will you post body pictures, too? Are there boy and girl bodies? Also, how tall are they?
    2. ~~The doll will come with the random free clothes~~


    3. ~Body size~


    4. Hi,we will be post more body pictures in our website very soon..
    5. Hi, are these dolls going to be available in the white skin and realskin resin, and will the colored resin for the Imp Babies become an option for other sizes?
    6. Yes,we will be offer these dolls in the white skin and realskin color in future.also the colored resin will be used for other sizes.^.^
    7. I hope that your US dealers will get these dolls?
    8. Lovely!!! but will they come in normal skin colours? if they do when will they be available? I think i prefer the normal skin colour ^^
    9. Any idea of price?
    10. Are these dolls made of French Resin?
    11. Yes we will have the babies in our store and available for preorder just as soon as we can get them posted on our site.
      We can't decide which color is our favorite; we will have all the colors.
      The cost is $145.

      If you want to call or email to preorder, please do.
      501 224 5792

    12. Will Impldoll also have the clothes shown on the dolls available for sale? The outfits are so cute!
    13. Yes,the dolls made of environmental french resin.:)
    14. The outfit on the dolls available for sale right now, Please visit our website.^^
    15. Just want to let everyone know we have released our new Baby dolls in Green, Pink and Blue.they are limited Edition of 50 dolls in each color. you can order them NOW!!!:D

    16. Do you have any idea when the larger dolls will be released in the special colors? (I'm trying to decide if I should buy a tiny now, or wait for one of the larger ones - like Vivien in blue.)

      Will the other-size dolls also be limited when they are released in pink/blue/green? Will they have any translucent parts?