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IMPLDOLL New doll *Camille*Released.^0^

Jun 6, 2010

    1. Hi Everyone.

      This is IMPLDOLL

      We have released our new doll Camille today.we offer White skin/Real skin/Gray skin for her.:)

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      IMPLDOLL Discussion thread
    2. It looks like she doesn't have the long nail hands :( Can she be ordered with the long nail hands instead?

    3. Camille doesn't look anything like Fantasia. Clearly by the same sculptor, but no further than that.

      Anyway, since Camille is being offered in gray skin (and I suddenly noticed that Lauretta is now offered in normal and white skin!) will all of the dolls be offered in the three skin tones soon?
    4. Hi,Camille will come with the default hand.^^
    5. Hi Ellanie.From now on,our new dolls will offer three skin tones.^^
    6. Hi!

      Do you have any pics of this girl in gray? I'm quite interested to see :)