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**IMPLDOLL-New doll Edward & Gray skin

Jan 16, 2010

    1. IMPLDoll discussion thread here.
    2. Is this boy a special distributor exclusive like Ember and Eugene are for DDE? Or will I be able to buy him from the main site?
    3. Will he be a limited edition doll? Or for sale during a certain period only? Like Christoper?
    4. Is the gray skin going to be available for general order, or only for this doll?
    5. Hi Ellanie.you can buy Edward from the our website or our retailers.:)

    6. Hi designermix.this is doll is not a limited edition doll.you can buy him anytime.:sweat
    7. Hi Kiyakotari.the gary skin only going to be available for Edward.not for general order.:lol:
    8. New doll grey skin Lauretta coming soon....

    9. Will Edward's head fit on a the grey female body?
    10. Hi.Edward's head fit on a the female body very well.