IMPLDOLL Young 46cm Mini Discussion.

Jan 8, 2012

    1. Ohh awesome work Impldoll! you really out do yourselves time and time again!... I wonder if the deer body will be available separately... and is it really basic? not limited?? because that would be so cool!... the deer body is so lovely! awesome work!
    2. She is really cute! I am quite impressed with the elegance of that deer body and the detail on it. Love the hooves and the fur around the ankles :)
    3. She is lovely! The hooves are my favorite part! They are amazing!
    4. She is just adorable! She might even be my first centaur bjd ^^ Great work, Impldoll<3
    5. Just AMAZING! I'm just so, so impressed! Impl you have outdone yourselves again! I hope we will get a handsome boy to go along with her! I've wanted an MSD size centaur for awhile!
    6. Finally a centaur type msd body. I'll be getting it in white skin eventually for my Soom borol head to finally have my small centaur XD though it will be a kirin.
    7. Oh~ I love the hooves and the leg hair is so beautifully sculpted~ <3

      The tail seems ball-jointed... I hope it's the case: it would make it so much more solid and articulated than if it's held with a magnet!

      It's really sad that the swivel joint on the upper arm is gone, though... That's one of my favorite perks on Impldoll's bodies.
    8. I'm very impressed with this doll and hope that the body will at some point be available for sale separately! I really love how nice the proportions are. I have a floating head or two that would look awesome on this body!
    9. I love all of it!! Impldoll has done some amazing work here, and it's nice to FINALLY see a female deer!! I really hope she isnt limited, because I want her really badly!!!!
    10. Oh awesome - I just saw that the body is available separately already and you can choose between male and female!
    11. I am so happy to hear they are offering the body separately and that you can have the choice of male or female! Definitely going to be saving for one of these!
    12. Impl is fast about giving us what we want aren't they! -laughs- Wonderful! I wonder what amazing things they will put out in this line next? I'm hoping for a naga!
    13. An MSD sized naga would be so amazing, especially if it was jointed!
    14. Does a 46 cm female work with a 52 cm male? If so then maybe she could be a mate for all those Zincs and Hornblends out there.
    15. I don't like her's a little bit strage...

      But I really like her body~
    16. Oh wow, so excited to see some msd fantasy dolls by impl! I really like Trista, although her chin seems a bit big. I can't wait to see where this darling leads :)
    17. i love the body design,and the legs are great. lovely work impldoll. im just not so sure about the face - would love to see a different head on the body and then that would be perfect!
    18. I think she's fantastic! Best centaur I've seen so far. I love her face too.
    19. I love her! the first thing i noticed was her face...she will have to be a sister to be RS Li...especially because i can get her in tan!....i like the dear body too...though i think i would like to put a different head on it just because the Trista head would need to be a human! im really excited about her!...shes going on the wish list for sure!