Impldoll's new Fashion size dolls

Dec 11, 2019

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    1. I am actually excited! I don’t normally have MSD sized dolls and I was always unsure about fashion size. But yesterday I was actually wondering about getting an MSD to carry with me sometimes. I am really curious to see what they do I hope they make a guy one :D
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    2. Oooo I love her! I jus wish she was in scale with my dollshe fashion girl... but she's lovely all the same! Now to make myself not buy her!
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    4. Yeah I love that they added that shoulder shrug thing to her! Although when her shoulders are not shrugged they look way wide but probably ok under clothes hopefully maybe?? I'm so happy her eyes are 10mm and not teeny 6mm. If I didn't already have two dolls on order I'd get her. I'm a bit concerned about her hands thou her fingers are kind of crazy splayed out
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    5. the listing is also under "parts" and as a body- so I feel like the head is not included
    6. Her body has some interesting jointing in her legs/hips. The Christmas sale is a pretty sweet deal, too. I might order before the period ends.

      I hope they also make fashion sizes of some of their bigger dolls. A mini Dorisy would be amazing~ :love
    7. @Jareth, I am so excited too! I love this size, as I have Iplehouse FIDs, but they are so expensive :( I am glad Impldoll doesn't make everything limited, so I can plan on saving up for her, and maybe when I am ready, there will be a boy :)

      @Thymeseer , I'm hoping she will fit in with my Iple FID dolls, that would be so awesome!

      @SweetTea , I know, right? And it looks like they did a better job than they did w/their SD size MGB, which I still love!!!

      Ugh, yah, I agree with you on the hands. They are pretty ugh. I've been getting jointed hands for my SD boys because they did the same thing to them. I guess I'll order some resinsoul MSD jointed boy hands for her (they're pretty slim and their SD versions are perfect on my big girls)

      @SweetTea Without the head, it's a lot cheaper. The pictures are the same though.

      @Bristol I am so tempted, at least we have until the end of January :shudder
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    8. Not sure if it's just that the shoulders are shrugging in the last picture, but don't the arms look too short? The fingers should reach halfway down the thigh.
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    9. I noticed that too. Also when it's sitting on the chair, her arms literally barely reach the seat. Overall I'm not a fan. :/
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    10. Oh now you guys are making me see all the flaws! LOL I wonder if bigger hands would help? I think they're way too small. Also, now that I'm looking more closely, it seems the ball joint at the shoulder is also not sitting in the socket correctly, just like my MGB. I think I can fix that by dremeling the socket out?? I still haven't done it yet though. Her shoulders do look lifted in all the pictures, it could be that the poser forgot to set them down. But I love the way my MGB doll can pose, its so expressive! If this doll can do it the same way, I'll just modify the things that bother me :P
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    11. @IngieBee I agree! The one shoulder does not seem right. I would like to see a picture of her standing with her shoulders down in a normal relaxed position.
    12. Oh awesome. I was hoping there would be a thread made for this new line. I've been eagerly anticipating this line from them. She has a nice face. I hope they have other body options for her size though. I know the jointing is there to provide more mobility and posing but ... it ruins the aesthetic a little for me. I wasn't too fussed on the SD version of the body when it was released and it looks quite similar to that but on a smaller scale. I am happy they are trying out a different line of dolls though.
    13. It's not a trick of the camera, her arms really are short. I compared her measurements to FID and Raccoondoll and while she's overall similarly sized, her arm length is shorter. Raccoondoll lists the arms as 13.6 cm, FID original arms were 13.8 and renewal are 14.5cm. Impldoll Eva arms are only 12.5cm per the website.

      I think her flaws are outweighed by her cuteness, versatility and price and I'm very very tempted. Maybe for folks that prefer very realistic dolls it could be wonky looking but I tend to enjoy dolls that are the same scale but each unique.
    14. I do like her face, but I'm really not a fan of those shoulder joints, never been with any company, but these look extra unappealing to me. It doesn't even look like the arms are part of the body resulting in very broad shoulders for her frame. Also never been a fan of a neck joint, and this one in motion makes it look like she has a double....neck (not to be confused with a double chin)? The arms are also incredibly short. To be honest I am quite disappointed by it all . I've been anticipating a mature MSD line from them for a long time because I love their SD sculpts,but I really do hope they make another, more anatomical correct and aesthetically pleasing , mature MSD body eventually
    15. Did anyone else end up ordering her? I'm sure it'll be several months before they start trickling in, but I cannot wait.
    16. I'm definitely curious to see some owner photos!
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    17. There were a couple of people who ordered, but I'm guessing we won't see them for another little bit due to the event they had.

      I would have liked to order during the event, but life got in the way. :|
    18. My order's on layaway, so it'll be about 3 more months for me. But I figured that's probably well within the turn around time for an order, so I'd have been waiting anyway! I'm trying to figure out wigs and eyes. It seems like the head is somewhere around 6.3 inches. Also, shoes, since it seems like the feet are just a yay bit longer than a Minifee, for example.