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Impulse Buying: The way of the bjd world X3

Sep 12, 2010

    1. I did a search and did not find a theard that talks about this. If there is one please move or delete this theard, and tell me where it is. So sorry if there is one...:sorry[/SIZE]

      Ok, today I was looking at clothes and saw the perfect outfit for a doll I don't even have yet!!!:o:ablink: I had to get this expensive outfit then I found myself buying shoes too because they where just so perfect!!!!*_* It happen so quickly; I just sat there saying, "What just happen!?!?":? I was thinking about not wanting to seriously get another doll till a good bit of months because Sha was ordered recently; and he has not been shipped yet. Now, I want this other bjd for Christmas!!!!:DSo, these are my questions for all of you. [/SIZE]

      Have you seen a bjd(s) that took you completely by surprise where you buy him/her/them outfits even though you do not have them yet?[/SIZE]

      Have you seen a bjd outfit that took you by surprise so much that you just had to have it at that moment even though that outfit does not fit bjd(s) your currently own at all? And of course shoes even ones that might not or can fit your doll but there is no way your bjd would wear them? For example, Sha is not into punk at all, (he is more into noblity/princly type styles), and those shoes are completely punk!:lol::kitty1 I would never put those shoes on Sha because they are totally NOT his style at all even though I love punk style tons!!! [/SIZE]
      Or are there other items that make you click the buy button without a second thought?!:) :D:XD:

      I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject!!![/SIZE] :whee:
    2. Oh gosh yes, I do this a lot. :sweat Just recently I bought a little Volks YoSD Puff on impulse. He was a limited release and the time-sensitive-ness of his purchase pushed me to buy him, knowing I'd regret it later if I didn't. Plus my boyfriend was over my shoulder being all, "Go for it, sweetie! :D", so I did lol. But there are also times I hesitated on things I thought were impulse buys, which I later realized weren't impulse buys but things I really did want and felt badly when they were sold out because I sat there biting my nails too long trying to decide.

      I also tend to buy outfits that are really cutesy because they are just so cute. My dolls style is really frilly and lolita-y, but every now and then these adorable bunny hoodies and other semi-casual things end up in my clothes collection. As well as some bunny boots I found on eBay, though my dolls style is more towards mary-janes than boots. I guess every doll needs a pair of boots, though? ;) Nothing wrong with having enough range of things to have something for every occasion, I tell myself.
    3. So very true, when I brought the outfit; it was only one more left!!!!:o Then when I brought the shoes those where the last pair!!!:aeyepop: I totally feel the same about buying it now because when it is sold out you will really regret not buying it when you had the chance! That is so wonderful your boyfriend is so supportive!!!:):dance
    4. Lol, the only impulse buy I did wasn't really an impulse buy. ... Guess that makes me a bad doll collector ;p.
      I had the money, was about to buy another doll and then Distant Memory announced her pre-order of Peroth. It took me a few days to make up my mind (because usually I don't go for dolls I don't have plans for), then realized that chances were big this guy was going to be very expensive later on. Now, I'm glad I bought him.

      Still, it was one time and I don't think I'll ever do it again. Personally, I don't like being impulsive when it comes to money spending. I'm too much of a control freak :sweat.
    5. I bought my first doll on impulse. I was looking for a doll to make me want a Ringdoll-doll less, and I saw him, was sold instantly, and bought him the day after without giving it a second thought. I have never once regretted it, though. I'm also occasionally buying outfits and wigs for a doll I'm not ordering until December/January the day I see them because I'm so scared they'll be out of stock before I get my hands on them.
    6. I've not yet fallen to impulse, I am proud to say. Honestly, at the moment I am too far in the red to make any impulse purchases. >__< Dolly stuff gets the back burner to bills and whatnot, so I can't really afford to make purchases without a lot of forethought beforehand.
    7. Kia herself was an impulse buy...her character was originally supposed to be an elven MSD of some sort, and instead I would up with a little hoofed tiny!
      I keep seeing things I want to buy for my next doll Salamander, but manage to hold off--and I'm very glad too, as I've totally changed my mind as to what size body I want her to have.
      But impulses...they're hard to keep down.
    8. I'm too scrimpy for that. I don't think I've ever bought anything that isn't the style of any of my boys...only if the doll in case was very-very close to being ordered, and I was absolutely sure that I needed that item for them.

      I'm not into impulse buying, and usually I don't have money on hand anyway, so if I want something I have to save up for it. This pretty much makes impulse buying impossible :lol:
    9. The only impulse buys I've had so far are fabric. XD I don't ever really have the money for anything bigger.
    10. Yes, yes, YESSSSS. I need to stop browsing the marketplace, it's eviiiiiiiiil. I end up buying stuffs when I didnt want to, that's why I have so many floaty heads. /fails.

      And there's the buy it now, or regret it later thing. It's like there's this OOAK doll or shirt or pants or something and it's reasonable priced and if you keep hesitating, when you check back later, it'll be gone! And you'll regret it and call yourself a dummy :B But then if you dont hesistate and buy it right then, you might think, "What have I done? Now that I think about it, I dont need it that much!" Meh. It's a no-win situation! 8D;;
    11. I'm an impulse fabric buyer too. I have around 100 meters of fabric lying around to make clothes, and this is no joke. I have garbage bags full of fabric. I also have so much lace, beads and the like I don't know what to do with. All this is for dollies.
    12. All of my favorite dolls have been complete 100% impulse buys.
      It seems that the ones I agonize over end up out the door in a few months while the ones that end up sticking around are the ones that I am going 'I just bought WHAT? I just spent HOW MUCH?!' about. In an odd way it is more economical for me to follow my impulses about these things.
    13. I don't think I've ever had an impulse buy, I bought my Puki Pipi pretty 'impulsively' but I'd been wanting one for a while, so when one came up on the MP I scooped her up pretty fast. I think that's the closest to impulse I've had. :)
    14. So far I haven't had a really impulsive moment (doll or clothes); I usually think about it for a few days before I go ahead. But yeah, I have recently encountered a situation where I bought a doll outfit even though I do not have them yet. I was considering buying Chiron for some time, just not sure whether to proceed or not (and when to proceed) due to a few reservations I still have, but then I went ahead to buy his outfit set, shoe, eyes, accessories.... and he already has a name and persona ready even though I haven't bought him yet ... *_*
    15. LOL I've been guilty of this. Most of the time it ended up poorly though. =o=; I ended up selling the items becuase I'm not good with floating items/heads. I pretty much have to scrape up whatever I can to buy things so unused stuff is vulnerable to becoming sold off.
    16. This is why my credit card is tucked away safely when I surf the net. Otherwise I'll get hooked and end up buying a lot of things I shouldn't. D:
    17. I just did that last week, bought a Dollmore Mio that I saw in the Marketplace totally on impulse. The minute I saw her I just knew I had to have her even though I'd never seen that sculpt before. And I have to say, she hasn't disappointed me at all. In fact, she's wearing the kimono that I'd also bought on impulse even though none of my dolls wear kimono. She has a rather Oriental look about her so it's perfect for her.
    18. Have you seen a bjd(s) that took you completely by surprise where you buy him/her/them outfits even though you do not have them yet?

      The only time I buy outfits for a BJD is if the BJD has already been purchased, and even then I try to be careful about what I get them until they arrive because I see no point in buying a bunch of things I could easily make myself/may not fit. I'll buy enough to clothe the doll in their first weeks, but after that most of their stuff fits as it should.

      Have you seen a bjd outfit that took you by surprise so much that you just had to have it at that moment even though that outfit does not fit bjd(s) your currently own at all? And of course shoes even ones that might not or can fit your doll but there is no way your bjd would wear them?

      I've seen outfits I wouldn't mind having, but if they do not fit the dolls I have or if the dolls I have are not meant to be wearing them, then I will not buy them regardless of how cute or nifty they look. Same with shoes, there's not much use in my house for a pair of shoes nobody can/wants to wear.

      Or are there other items that make you click the buy button without a second thought?!

      The only things BJD-wise that I'll buy without a second thought are heads/dolls that I have been looking for with intent to buy that have finally shown up on the MP. An example of this would be my Mihael. I'd been looking for a Mihael for a while, considering each mihael as he showed up on the marketplace and calculating its cost to me. Each one had a head price, the wig price, the eye price, the faceup price, and the body price. One finally showed up with the perfect faceup and with an eye mod that I love. Given the quality of the faceup and the condition of the head, I bought it as fast as I was able. The body came up only days later, and I bought that quickly too, though neither could be considered impulse because I had already thought about and planned for both the positive and negative consequences well beforehand.
    19. I will definitely do this sometimes, although less so lately. When a Maki Tsuyoshi popped up at retail price at Closet Child, I snapped him up. If you can impulse-put-a-doll-on-layaway, that's what I did with my incoming MNF Kyle. I was going to think it over but then somehow I was clicking the button on the DDE site :sweat.

      Outfits I'm less likely to do this with unless I'm at an actual Dolpa and see something on a dealer's table. Usually with outfits you have leeway and/or advanced warning, I find.
    20. Despite the size of my collection, perhaps surprisingly, I'm not too much of an "impulse buy" person. I have my own criteria for what constitutes a good deal and what doesn't, so if something is a good deal to my reckoning, it's within my budget, and it's something I want, I consider it a wholly reasonable purchase.

      While it's smart to consider what one does with one's money, there's no award for a month of hand-wringing over every $20 item just like there isn't one for buying every $20 item that crosses your path without a whit of discernment. Most people, I suspect, fall somewhere in the middle. I see nothing wrong with 'impulse' purchases once in a while, however -- and whether other people are doing it or not really isn't any of my business, so I'm speaking only for myself here. I figure that if I screw up my finances somehow with such a purchase, that is wholly my fault and my responsibility, the consequences are mine to handle.