In a parallel universe...

Aug 19, 2019

    1. Where the BJD world is perfect, what would happen?

      -Dollshe would ship all dolls in one month

      -Wigs and doll clothes would never stain a doll.
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    2. They would cost £29.99 and be available in supermarkets.
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    3. BJD shops in every major city and then some.

      The clothes/shoes/wig/eyes you get for a specific doll fit them perfectly and complimentary.
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    4. They never faceplant.

      Faceups only come off when you want them to.
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    5. Yes. All dolls can stand.
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    6. You can order a discontinued doll or any hybrid you want in any skin tone at any moment.
      Dolls never turn yellow and you don't need to hide them from the sun.
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    7. Fantasy and dark resin skintones are available all the time and for only a tiny bit extra, if they're extra at all.

      Wigs stay on their dang heads

      Eyes stay pointing the direction you wanted them to and don't slip out of alignment to spite you.

      Clothes are cheap, well made, every style is readily available, even fantasy, historic and wierd circus outfits <_< >_>
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    8. Volks decides to start Volks Europe and opens a store right here in Munich ...
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    9. Hands in all kinds of different poses, just like Sideshow Clone Troopers have. And they are easily swapable, no hassle with strings and S-hooks.

      Elastic always has the ideal tension and never wears out.

      If you want a new faceup, you are perfect and you can create exactly what you want.
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    10. Dolls come in a wider array of bodies: there are chubby bodies who are female, male or any other gender
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    11. Limited Edition dolls are occasionally re-released, thereby undercutting the scalping industry even a little bit.
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    12. Dolls legs would never be kicky or floppy.
    13. Sellers would include accurate measurements on their shoes, so you would be certain that they would fit

      Also the doll stuff that you didn’t want or need anymore would be easy to sell, trade, or give away. No more clutter and not knowing what to do with it...
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    14. Wigs would always be easy to find in the correct style, size, and color!
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    15. This is a fun question!

      You can get any doll in any size you want (looking at you, F60 Cygne). Faceups don't get damaged and you don't have to ship doll heads anywhere to get a new one!
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    16. You could sew all the clothes you want and they end up being perfect! Sun would always shine and it wouldn't rain when you are outside taking photos of your doll!
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    17. Every company would have blank pictures of a sculpt available everywhere they're being sold, and dealer websites would all be well-designed and easy to navigate

      And you'd be able to buy any single part of any doll you want

      And dolls would be in stock so you never have to wait longer than your paypal protection period to receive them...!
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    18. Sellers would mention exact measurements of clothes and shoes.
      No mass discontinuations.
      One doll shop (or internet doll shop) in each capital city. More shops in more cities would be nice, but I shouldn't be too demanding.
      All sculpts avaliable in all possible skin tones. Both realistic and fantasy.
      No limited sculpts.

      I don't want dolls to be lot cheaper, because that wouldn't be good for artists.
    19. No tax on dolls.
      All measurments for flat and heel feet. Not just lenght, but width too...
      No more wigs/shoes/clothes "fit for sd/msd doll." only proper sizing for accesories.
      Every eyes avaible with normal and small iris too.
    20. Every Artist/company's pre-orders would only take a month or two to fulfill.
      Well stocked doll shops that are easily accessible, so you know if a certain size/style works for you in person.