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in an emergency evacuation would you take your dolls?

May 5, 2016

    1. there is a huge wildfire going on in our province right now and well over 90,000 people have had to leave their homes, knowing there is a good chance that everything will be gone when they return. unlike in a house fire, many of them were given time to pack at least a carload of stuff before they had to leave. so my question is.

      if you had to leave your house with only one carload of things to take with you, would you take your dolls?

      if you have several would you take all of them or just the le or discontinued ones?

      or would you think that there was too much other more important stuff to take and just leave them all behind?

      would it make a difference if you had room/time to pack a trailer as well?
    2. i'll start it off by saying i would probably take my le dolls/characters, plus whatever fit into smallish box because most of my dolls are small and wouldn't take up a lot of room. we have a van and only 3 people living here now, so there would still be lots of room for clothes and other essentials. but i doubt i'd have room to take my whole collection, and i certainly leave behind all the extras i've collected for them.

      if we had time to pack the trailer i would possibly add a second box of non essential dolls if there was room. i don't have a lot of irreplaceable things that aren't doll related and my husband would just bring our hard drive and some clothes, so i could use all his extra space ;)
    3. Man I don't even want to think about it. I know this is a reality for many individuals these days. Unfortunately I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to take my doll if I had to evacuate. I would prioritize my books and my family and my pets. I would need to make sure to grab clothes for my family and the important things I have from my father my computer, camera, and of course things for my dog and daughter. I just think it would be selfish of me to take up the space for them.
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    4. I would be more worried about getting ALL of my cats (five of them) safely corralled into the car, and that probably wouldn't give me the time to even think about my dolls. I'd honestly probably just forget them! If I managed to remember (and that's a BIG "if") I'd definitely stuff my little girl Joren into a purse, and carry Silfe on my arm. But beyond that, no. I would have to leave them.
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    5. Yes, probably.
      I only have one doll right now so she wouldn't take up that much space, and there's more than one car between us in my family so if we were each able to take our own car and whatever we could fit in it she wouldn't take too much space away from more important items.
    6. I think in that moment you'd take whatever you are willing to jeopardize your life for. I'd say I would take my dolls, laptop, books but when push comes to shove I wonder if any of those would matter. I hope no one goes through any of those emergencies
    7. Since everything still fits in one bag, I don't think the question applies to me. And I do wonder if I would actually think about them when taking care of two toddlers and a dog in such a horrible moment.... But I do sincerely hope that it won't become a reality for any of you. Ever.
    8. I've actually thought about this, living in Albert myself, and I think I would definitely grab a few that were special to me and wouldn't take too much space. My teenies for sure would come if I had time to pack them.
    9. Well, if I had a whole carload of stuff I could take I'd take ALL my dolls (plus papers) and at least some of the doll stuff. Everything else I own can be replaced much more easily (including my CDs and DVDs and books) and probably also for a lot less money. No pets to worry about or family.
    10. Yes! First would be my children, my dog second, important paperwork third, and then my dolls.
    11. We had bad wildfires here in East Texas a few years ago. We didn't have to evacuate but I did take all my dolls out of their boxes and put them into two bags that I could carry in case. So, yes, if it looks like we might need to evacuate or there is sufficient warning in advance I would take my dolls with me.

      If there's not much warning, like we have to leave RIGHT NOW, then no. I would be more concerned with things like my purse, water, first aid supplies, and the box that has our passports, wedding certificate, birth certificates, things like that.
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    12. This is a tough question. Especially because you have to think about in an emergency evacuation, you might only be able to take a car-full of your own belongings. And if you have a family, you have to make room for everybody's things. I have a pretty good sized family so I would probably only take one of my dolls. She's 1/6 scale so she wouldn't take up too much space. Some books, medicine, and kitchen goods would probably be the biggest priority.
    13. I would but....my family is just me and my partner. Also I have medicines I must have. it would depend on how much time I have.
    14. Oh man, that's tough. I know for sure that everything in my house will probably be gone since my mind goes straight to animals and people in emergency situations.

      I've had to quickly evacuate my house before, and all that I had on my mind was "where are the cats?! get the dog!" After gathering the cats into a carrier and grabbing the dog, I quickly grabbed my jacket and set out the door. I totally didn't even think about my purse and ID. Luckily I was able to go back home almost instantly due to it being a false fire alarm.

      This question is making me realize I should probably have a better evacuation plan so I don't end up penniless and without any proof of who I am. Also, if I can save a doll, or 2, that would be a huge bonus.
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    15. eek i think about this often it's such a worrisome topic. i think would definitely take my dolls because they're too special for me to leave behind, especially considering some are genuinely irreplaceable and i would never be able to get them back. i think they're the only material thing i would want to take because everything else is more easily replaceable. i'd grab them really fast since i have them all sitting by my bookshelf and then i'd skedaddle.
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    16. Like everyone, I'd be thinking about my animals first and foremost (I don't have kids), but if I had time to take some material possessions and was packing a car, then yeah I would take my dolls. I've been collecting eleven years and have nearly 30 so that's a lot of money invested, plus some of them have a lot of sentimental value and couldn't be replaced easily if at all.

      If it were a case of fire or something where I had to run out, I'd be just thinking animals
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    17. Really, it depends more on the time. Of course the important documents would have to be moved but we have it easy there. Same with the cat as he's harnessed and all we have to do is leash him up and throw him in the car (he loves car rides). After the big electronics (our computer towers, really at minimum) would come our collectibles. His Magic the Gathering rares (again easy to move) and my dolls (I keep a box in the closet for this reason, actually). Between both our cars most of our possessions would fit, to be fair. I'd feel pretty bad at loosing a piano, but that is easily replaceable.

      Both of us keep bug out bags that we change up monthly with a few clothes (mine's always like, a week's worth of underwear and one shirt and pants) and a month's medications plus a couple days of food. It sounds kind of bad but we both are kind of "let's at least be prepared" in case something happens.

      Push comes to shove, we would leave our collections behind in a worst-case scenario (given that we were actually given an hour or two to pack is a good scenario for us). We both have insurance on them that covers many things and yes, while a bit spendy it's worth the peace of mind.
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    18. I've heard of these huge fires in alberta. That's terrifying!

      In a case where I have time to pack my belongings in my car, of course my dolls are coming! As it is I have 2 1/2 minifees so that wouldn't take up too much space. I take one big carboard box and shove them in with as much of their clothes as I can. 5 minutes and I'm done!
    19. That's an interesting question considering there's a million forest fires during summer in California. I'd probably grab my dogs, my important documents (bank stuff, birth cert, etc etc), some valuables (jewelry, wallet, phone), and clothes for warmth. I don't own too many dolls (yet), but I can kind of see myself grabbing for one or two of them at the very last minute since they aren't too important to keep for my wellbeing. They're pretty much replaceable to me (as horrible as that sounds), but my life and the people around be come before material things.
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    20. Hoping this never becomes a reality for anyone. But being down in South USA, we've got to plan for stuff like this, too, with hurricanes. I'd be more worried about my pets, family, important documents, and animal rehabilitation supplies over some pieces of plastic. Oh, and medication/clothes for as long as I can pack for.
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