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In and out of the BJD hobby?

Aug 24, 2011

    1. I searched for one, but if there is another thread out there similar to this feel free to delete!

      Have any of you been in and out of the doll hobby?

      For me I defiantly have.
      I learned about BJDs when I was a lot younger and couldn’t afford to buy one. But as I got older I always wanted to get one, but then my way of thinking would just tell me to forget about it and move on. Life also got in the way. That happened for a couple years. But now things have changed a lot. I have been thinking about it and I really want to get back into the hobby and start fresh (so to speak). I've missed it alot! : ]
    2. Yes, I definately got out of doll collecting. I stopped collecting dolls when I was eighteen or nineteen, and I didn't start again until this past summer. We moved to a new house and I didn't want any of my dollies to get broken or lost, and suddenly I was interested in collecting again.
    3. I did for a short time, but now I'm back! :)
    4. I was sort of like this. I wanted a doll since 2007, but my interest sort of came and went since then. Now, I am pretty dedicated now that I have dolls.
    5. Well I'm so glad I'm not the only one now! That’s a relief.
    6. I somehow fell out of the hobby for almost two years, even though I own some dolls. o_o I guess I just got distracted with other things.
    7. I have been collecting for years. But, I have not purchased a doll in over 3. Like you...life got in the way. I do have my first BJD on the way though...well, ordered anyway. :0)
    8. I'm frequently in/out of the hobby. It's more of a necessity than a want, I just have these long periods of time out of the year that I just can't spend as much time in the hobby as I want to. I'm just hoping that changed once I finally graduate college. :|
    9. Yep, especially before I got any dolls, I was sort of in and out of the hobby. I'd found them, looked at pictures and wanted one, then sort of forgot about it for awhile. Then stumbled across them again, did more research and wanting and planning. Sometime about a year ago I was really into planning and making wishlists and finding actual dolls that I wanted. I'd also sent an email request to join DoA but never got accepted.

      It wasn't until I got my first doll that it was harder to fall back out of the hobby, although I still did for a bit just cause so much else was going on in my life. But now I'm sure that I'm really back in it for good this time. Some of the things that distracted me before are more settled now, I actually have several dolls now (I think that's the key, it's much easier to lose interest before you have any dolls), and I have lots of doll friends plus meet-ups to go to and organize. :D
    10. OK... I have not been in the hobby for long at all but I'm already feeling like I need a break or I'm subconsciously taking a break. I find that I love to look at BJD stores and other owners dolls rather than take my own pics or play with my doll. Maybe I just need to finally get started on her costumes or maybe I need the other dolls so I can play with them all together?
    11. It happens to the best of us my dear. I find that with any hobby I have that sometimes I am into it and sometimes I'm not. I have several dolls of course but sometimes they just will sit on their shelf. Inspiration for art kinda works that way too, sometimes you're with it and sometimes you're not. This is why I have a lot hobbies so when I'm out of one I can alternate with another. Works out well for me :D
    12. I've taken a break a few times. Not for lack of interest, but because I'd be too busy studying or with life in general to be spending much time or money in the hobby. About a year ago I had to sell all my dolls to help my family over some financial hurdles after my father was laid off and we are only just now starting to recover. I imagine it'll take a good year for them (my parents) to actually recover enough where I'd feel safe spending money on dolls again instead of holding it as a back-up savings for them.
    13. I become more or less active depending on what else is going on in my life. Grad school doesn't leave a lot of time for hobbies, unfortunately. I took a full one-year break while I was applying to schools and didn't play with the dolls, didn't sew for them, didn't go to the online hobby sites because the school search was just too overwhelming.
    14. You know... that is true. It is the same with my longest running hobby. Historical clothing just seems to come in and out of my life. I'm not constantly sewing some new corset or outfit. I'm just hoping I'm not one of those people that gets a bunch of dolls and then sells them from lack of interest. :sweat
    15. I suppose it really depends on what you mean by *in* the hobby to begin with. I don't think about my dolls everyday, nor do I do anything with them 88% of the time- they just sit on the shelf or in the closet at home. Sometimes, I go through a period where I want to work with and handle them, or shop for new ones or accessories, but most of the time I'm busy trying to graduate at the end of this year and get my butt in gear for my grad school applications. What I'm trying to say is that just because it's a hobby doesn't mean that you need to be doing something doll related every day, week or month to feel that you are *part* of it, you can pick up a doll once a year and still be part of the hobby if that's the way you see it. So while there may be times when I put all the dolls away and pretend they don't exist for several weeks, that doesn't mean I've left the hobby, and not being on DoA every day anymore doesn't mean that I'm leaving. I believe that hobbies are meant to be enjoyed whenever, wherever, and however often you find the time. If it's once in several years, then that's fine.

      But anyway, that's just my two cents.
    16. I've been in and out, for quite a while actually. I don't really know what stopped my interest.. probably seeing less of my doll friends meant I had no one to really talk to or share the hobby with, which I find has quite an impact.

      I also recently moved into my own place so it meant my dolls weren't confined to a shelf on my bookcase and never left my room for fear of what might happen to them.

      So I recently sent my kids sent off for re-stringing and new faceups and have somehow ended up buying 3 dolls this year :sweat so I think I'm back with avengence!
    17. I never officially got into in the first place, but I was highly fascinated back around 2007ish. I searched for the perfect doll for me for some months, but my life being hectic and all collegy at the time kept me from really entering into the hobby. Now years later, my life is boresville with work, and I tots cash layin' around so here I am, dolls galore!
    18. That's how I was, when I first found out about these wonderful dolls.

      I found out about them around five years ago from a friend's passing comment (she's not into the hobby >. > ) but I was younger at the time, and had no way financially to support the hobby... but I did a lot of research. The research was on-and-off, and it wasn't until recently that I was really able to buy my own dolls (I have my first one on the way!). So now, I'm definitely in the hobby for sure.

    19. What a great topic!

      2007 - Bought my first doll, then another, then another, then another...

      2008 - bought several more dolls...then started my Minimee obsession...

      2009 to 2010 - Ran 4 GO's for 4 celebrity Minimees and went full on with Minimees only...

      July 2010 - Had my twin baby girls! YES, LIFE DOES HAPPEN...

      Present - Getting back into the hobby...I have missed it immensely! :...(
    20. i go in and out of it myself, generally when im at uni,its so intense thats all i focus on, but in the summer i get back to my bjds.