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In Defense of LatiDoll

May 29, 2007

    1. Not sure if this is in the right place, but my guy...Micha is a Lati-doll M (Red line)

      I recently ordered/received my M from Lati-doll, and going through several of the posts here I have found that many people wouldn't think of ordering from them.

      This is my experience with my M from Lati.

      I ordered via there online site, and accidentally put in the wrong address. It took them about 20-30 business days to ship him out the first time around. They are a fairly new company, and I think what happened is that they opened up their order forms not expecting so many people to be interested in a basic line doll. They have since closed their shipping and have made several announcements with the general intent of apologizing, and informing people that the next time they ship out they will have all their ducks in a row so to speak.

      After my boy arrived in the US, we noticed that he wasn't hitting the house for some reason. By the time we called customs to see what was going on, he had already been shipped back to Korea. My fault, for not double and triple checking the address.

      In a panic, I emailed Lati: By the way, if you have a Yahoo account, your emails may not be getting to the company address. They had someone email me from a personal account to make sure that everything was going ok. If this is the case for you, I suggest the Q&A boards. I got responses the day after I posted each of my questions, that were generally helpful.

      They opened a special order for me so that I could get him Reshipped to the US, to the correct address. He got here this past week, and he is perfect.

      Lati ((in my experience)) is also very good about trying to get you the eye-color that you want.

      Here are some pics: [​IMG]
    2. This is great to know ^^ I'll be ordering my own M very very soon <3

      I see you got the 'casual suit'. I want the 'black suit', does that mean I do not have to tick any boxes? ^w^; Thanks! &#9829;

      I must say your boy looks wonderful X3
    3. i love my Lati L ^___ ^ lucky you were able to get the casusal suit. I wanted it really bad T___T
    4. Can i ask if the casual suit comes with shoes? ^^ And thanks for that message it makes us more confortable to order on Lati
    5. I'm in love with the Lati Pury (White) so it's good to know you had a (relatively) positive experience with them.
    6. I had to double check how the website took my address too. I've received two orders from Latidoll with no problems....and have 2 more coming. I do get emails through my Yahoo....but have to sometimes check the trash folder to find them.