In love with a discontinued sculpt

Jan 26, 2017

    1. I currently have 4 discontinued dolls on my wishlist. :...(
      (2 old Withdoll sculpts, Illusion spirit Zhuqing and Souldoll Junia - limited doll)

      It's really frustrating when you can't save up for a doll that you like. You just have to patiently wait if they ever turn up second hand somewhere.

      Has this ever happened to you and how do you cope? ;)
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    2. Well, souldoll re-released a limited doll *Special ball jointed doll for you, SOULDOLL* for a limited period of time. You should check second hand market or souldoll itself.

      For now my wishlist have only "in-stock dolls" (I hope to buy at least one of them in a few months!)
    3. Oh, that's good to know, maybe they will re-release the girl I like too. :)

      I hope you will be able to cross some doll off your wishlist soon! :)
    4. Oh nooooooo that sounds like the worst. I hope you get your kids soon!
    5. It's the absolute worst :( It's even worse when they're single-artist dolls - doubly hopeless to find them second hand! BUT: I do see a few Junias popping up, so I'm confident you'll be okay. Keep scouring! They'll pop up!
    6. qwq I know how that feels ! though mine is on a smaller scale I really want petite Gian's doll! it was only 40$ at the time too !
    7. I might get Junia sooner than I thought! Just checked instagram and someone put her up for sale few days ago. :dance
    8. I was at the point of purchasing Bermann in i think 2008 (?). I kept looking at them in the marketplace but could not justify their costs to myself. and now amazingly he is being rereleased. Still dont believe im getting him.
    9. Yay! Lucky you. :)
    10. Withdoll has done re-releases of limited sculpts (like Dark Elf Angela) and for my knowledge, there are good changes to get Withdolls from secondhand market. It might be worth of something to message Withdoll and ask for re-release of the sculpt you want, so they know it's wanted still.
    11. I don't have a marketplace access yet but tried Facebook BJD groups with no luck. :(
      That's a great idea, I'll try to message Withdoll, thanks!
    12. I actually like the slow process of collecting older discontinued dolls. I have a few in my doll family. Some of them were ones I'd never heard of before but I fell in love with when I saw them, others were ones I was searching for already. It can take a few years to find those dolls second hand, and depending on the sculpt you may have to accept that you may not ever find it (or be able to afford it).
      I don't mind loving some dolls and not being able to have them. It can be fun to appreciate from a distance. If you are able to find the long discontinued ones you have your heart set on though it's a really wondrous thing! :3nodding:

      My advice if you are in love with discontinued dolls is to accept that the situation is not completely under your control. If you are able to find one on your wishlist then cherish the feeling, if you aren't able to try not to feel heartbroken. There are so many more dolls out there.
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    13. That's a good way to look at the situation. You're absolutely right, if a discontinued doll would appear for sale, I would be twice as excited! :)

      And yes, appreciating from distance is also fun. I love looking at photos of other people's dolls even if I can't have them. Or drooling over their company photos. :D
    14. I know one store still has one of them in-stock. I'm so afraid they will sell her, but right now I can't really afford tp buy her... Too bad they only do 3 months layaway. :\ Geez...

      I've read you found one of your grail dolls :D Congrats!
    15. I've never found a limited doll I was in love with enough to worry about it... There are some I love to dream about having, but I guess I'm not too in love with them, because I don't go out of my way to find them secondhand. If I happened to have the money and came across one in the DOA marketplace... I would likely buy them and I would be very happy! However I'm ok with not having them if that doesn't happen.

      I guess there are too many basic dolls that I love just as much... so I always end up just shrugging and getting a different doll instead! xD
    16. Oh I really understand what you feel. My dream doll is LatiDoll Censya, a limited edition that was released nearly 10 years ago, and I used to look at her pictures while she was in stock. But I was just a little girl at the time, so there wasn't any chance of getting her. And by now I've seen very few posting pictures of Censya dolls, and obviously no one selling them

      Good luck on your search!
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    17. I feel this soo much!! :atremblin not really discontinued but more of a limited doll? Every doll I first fell in love with were mostly limited.

      I coped with it by thinking positive that maybe I'll see them one day on secondhand market, or by looking at other sculpts. Better move on than get hung up thinking about it :"):mwahaha
    18. I know how you feel, @Sonik ! The top discontinued doll on my list is DollnDoll Loren. I suppose I would call her my grail doll right now. I'm keeping my eyes positively peeled for a secondhand one. I think I'm most anxious to get her because her partner is already on his way to me, and he's going to be miserable without her :...( I sent a message to DollnDoll a little while ago asking if the queen version was still available (thinking, 'well, if enough people ask, maybe they'll bring her back!'), but they told me she is discontinued. . . so my quest continues.
      There are others on my list (Soom and Iplehouse, I'm looking at you!), but I'm not super-attached to them. I'll jump on the opportunity if I find one for sale, but I can deal with admiring them from afar for now.

      It kinda bugs me that, if a doll is sold out forever, why keep it up on the website?? I'm being taunted :eek:
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    19. It has. I fell in love with Soom Ender when he was released but couldn't come up with the money in time to get him, then spent the next two years searching for one. I did finally get the head and OMG it was so so pretty...but after a few more years, I ended up selling him off because none of the hybrids I planned for him worked.

      Another one I really fell for is Volks School A, which is a slightly different situation since I'm pretty sure he's not actually discontinued, just impossible for me to buy new. The School heads were never available in the stores, only in person at a faceup workshop in Japan, so.....being in the US, I had no chance of buying one new. However, I was able to find one on the MP, and he just arrived to me about 30 minutes ago! He's so pretty....:drool
    20. My experience regarding that is to wait, to save, to lurk, to stalk and to SNATCH the doll i want the moment it shows up on the mp or otherwise for an ok price.

      With the ones mentioned I wouldnt worry too much.

      A Zhuqing was on the MP just a while ago (might still be), Withdolls keep popping up and the company itself does rereleases on special occassions, as for Junia... Again the MP is your friend.

      If not for dolls up for grasp, you can always put up a wtb. I got two (?) doll heads I wanted that way.

      Just be sure to keep a set amount of money on the side for the case of the case and be ready ;)
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