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In love with MF Miyu but is the old B-line body with her?

Jul 29, 2009

    1. **My problem was solved by aldwen and Diana92**

      Hello! I am in dolly trouble! I am choosing between a KD Aru girl and MF Miyu! I am in love with them both but right now the tie breaker is there poseability.

      For those of you that have a Miyu with a B-line body is she worth it? Is the body still at least decent with posing and would a KD just be more worth my money?

      I have tried to get a comparison in the BJDopedia but no one has answered.

      Please help is much apprecited!

      Is she worth the less poseable body?
    2. The B line body is gorgeous. It's a wonderful poser and when it first came out there was a lot of fuss over it because of how well it posed. Since then, the A line has proved to be an even more innovative but I don't feel like it diminishes how awesome the B line body is at all. And if it bothers you so much, why don't you save up for an A Line? I had two B lines and when the A lines came out, I sold one of the bodies to exchange it for the new one. I don't love my B line any less and I'm glad I didn't change out both of them because the solid torso is really really cute!

      I'm not going to compare KD Aru and Miyu, because to me they are from two different doll genres and it's unfair. I also don't know how well they pose. I do know that when the MNF first came out, people were putting their KD heads on the MNF bodies. So there's got to be some appeal, though I'm not sure if it's just maturity and style.
    3. I've heard that girl KDF are less posable than boys, and I think MNF body is more poseable. And you can get your Miyu AlaCarte with the A-line body if you want the most poseable...
    4. AlaCarte? What is that?
    5. A la Carte is an order system that enable you to chose head, body (with specific chest and legs), and hands from all the Fairyland MNF models, so you can customize your doll.
      You can choose active line body or Beautiful line body too.
      here you go
    6. Thank you both so much!!!! I will definatly get Miyu now!!! Thank you!!
    7. oh no problem!
      I have a miyu myself and I totally love her!
      but you should wait for the summer event which should be in 1-2 weeks or so ;)

    8. Summer event? What is that?
    9. Check out the gossip in the MNF discussion thread - a read of the last few pages should clear it up for you!
    10. That's actually not true to my knowledge. If anything KDF girls are MORE posable because they have the swivel-joint in their thigh that lets them sit suwarikko or with their legs crossed or whatever. Other than that I think they're fairly similar.
    11. we don't know what is it exactly, but if it's like last year, you'll get a free head with a certain amount of your order, for example if you buy 390$ or more you'll get a free mnf head ;)
      the last one with the shiwoo scar head wasn't the summer event, we asked them about it ;)