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In process of quitting the hobby, but...

Jan 14, 2016

    1. First of all I'm not sure if this is in the right place but I couldn't figure out where else to put it.

      Anyway, I've sold all of my dolls but one and when I was going to take pics of him for sale ad, he seemed to look at me with his big eyes and say, 'please don't sell me!' So, I'm not sure how to proceed. I think I might not sell him, at least for a bit, maybe try to bond with him again. Any advice or words of reassurance?
    2. Honestly, I'd keep him if you're having second thoughts. You don't have to be "in the hobby" to love dolls. It's OK to just have one....just for yourself and no one else. :)
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    3. Mighty good advice. The hobby can be off putting at times, I know that very well. But nothing wrong with owning a doll and not doing the whole taking pictures, getting new outfits thing. He can just be a nice object you own.
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    4. Just to echo what the last 2 folks have said, you don't have to be in the hobby to have a doll. If you love him, keep him. If you change your mind, you could always rehome him later.
    5. If your interests have drifted onto something else and no longer enjoy dolls personally and you want to get rid of clutter then that's fair enough. But if it's the social aspect or feeling pressured to participate in some way; then that's something else entirely.

      I have a LOT of different hobbies and not active in all of them (I haven't sewn in years - but wouldn't think of getting rid of my machine, fabrics, etc.) . If I sold my hobby items everytime I thought I was done with the hobby, it would be a waste money buying everything over and over again because for me I know that it's something I'll become active in once again.

      Many people have hobbies for different reasons. I'd just offer that you evaluate why you enjoyed collecting dolls in the first place and that may help guide you or give you comfort in what you do next. Sell your first doll if you consider it "clutter" if not then maybe consider keeping it as a display item that you enjoy.
    6. My general rule is to never sell a doll until I'm 100% sure I'm ready to part with it and won't regret it. Even if you aren't active in the hobby anymore, you can still keep your last doll. You don't have to participate in the community or buy anything new. I quit the Barbie doll hobby shortly after getting into bjds, but I still own one Barbie and one Ken. They're in a closet packed away, I don't buy anything for them or participate in any forums or social media with them, but I plan to keep the Barbie forever. Ken may have a different fate eventually....once I'm sure I won't miss him.
    7. Thank you everyone for responses! I've decided until I'm absolutely sure, I won't sell him. I might even get him some new outfits, just because, though I don't feel like buying any new dolls or regret selling my other ones. I am kinda surprised cause selling one that was my favorite was no problem but this one doesn't wanna leave me. And the reason why I'm quitting the hobby is because I just lost interest and I got interested in another hobby and yeah... If I was rich, I might've kept the other dolls. Alas, I am not and I wanted the money. *shrugs*
    8. If you are not absolutely in need of the money you could get for him I'd keep him. It was after all a part of your life and something that you enjoyed for some time. Even if the "relationship" is over, you might want to keep a reminder of happy times :).
    9. True, that's a good point.

      Though, I just remembered that I told my rapist about him and now he kinda reminds me of him and makes me anxious... So I'm re-considering the selling. :/
    10. A couple of years ago I began to study and since that I have absolutely no time for my dolls. They just sit around and I ignore them most of the time, because so many other things are more important at the moment. But I know that things will change again. Today I was searching for clothes and I thought it would be a nice idea to come here and read some threads, look at some doll photos and I recognized that I'm still interested in this hobby.

      Your doll is a beautiful memory and maybe you'll get into this hobby again one day. Maybe it's better not to cut all ties.
    11. @heavenlydevil ...just read your recent response...was there a typo in there?? Just checking because I could see how that would make one anxious - truly sorry if it wasn't a typo.
    12. This is a more personal type of post, better suited to a personal blog, so I am going to lock this thread.