Sales Promotion In Stock Sale: ASK!

Jun 20, 2017

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      Hello everyone!

      It's been over one whole year since my first doll, Ask, was released through a pre-order, can you believe that? Feels crazy.

      However, I still have one more Ask here at home, in stock. There were two, but one got sold a couple of hours after I posted the sales announcement on the website.

      In other words: I have one Ask still available for purchase. He's in Pinky Normal Skin and costs 500 Euros.

      Interested? Stop by the website and check out more pictures of Ask and read through some more information on him on this page. :)

      If you're curious about what I've been up to since the pre-order, come visit my YouTube channel, where I post doll sculpting and drawing videos! Two new dolls are in production and there are videos to show how I work with them.

      I am also planning on doing doll sculpting livestreams in the near future, so a quick visit to my Twitch channel might be a good idea as well. :)

      Wishing you all a lovely Tuesday!
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