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In your opinion, What are the BEST Companies in terms of Quality?

Jan 18, 2016

    1. I am hoping for a variety of responses, and feel free to add categories, if you would like. :)

      I would love to look into companies that offer great quality and fit into a certain aesthetic, and, while I do definitely stalk the threads about specific dolls, it's hard to know how the company itself stacks up against others. Even the most popular dolls could have issues or be outperformed in quality by another company's offerings.

      What companies, in your opinion, offer the best of the following components? Feel free to name the same company for several prompts or name different companies for each! :

      Resin quality:


      Sculpt detail:

      Company faceups:


      Fewest flaws (i.e. less visible seams, etc.):

      Customer service:
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    2. Just my opinion from my experience!

      Resin quality: Volks. It's heavy, not shiny, doesn't chip easily, no flash, no marbling

      Pose-ability: Impldoll (though the Model boy needs a hip mod, otherwise, he's excellent), Minifee Moe line, Doll Leaves

      Sculpt detail: Soom Idealian 51---they get finger prints and a brain in their head instead of s-hook! Also BlueBlood Doll has really pretty knees and elbows designed so there are no clunky peanuts, ugly kneecaps or useless round balls, just smooth shields that move naturally like an armadillo. XD

      Company faceups: can't really comment here, since I buy blank dolls

      Elastic: I've had my first Angel of Dream for almost 8 years and he's never needed new elastic. However, newer AoD dolls didn't have that same luck. Iplehouse seems to be pretty good.

      Fewest flaws (i.e. less visible seams, etc.): Jie Doll. I bought a Michael in their chocolate skin about 4 years ago, and to this day, I see no yellowing. Even in such dark skin, he has no visible seams, sanding or marbling.

      Customer service: BlueBlood Doll and LittleRebel always make buying feel like chatting with a friend. Both are polite, timely and super helpful.

      Other: Volks one touch system is my hero. My Popodoll also has it. Little dips in the wrist and ankle ball where the s-hooks can sit so you can pop the hands and feet off for easy dressing and pop them back on without tools afterwards. The Minifee magnet hands and feet are great for that too.
    3. From all the dolls I own myself and those I could try in restringing and posing it goes like this:

      Resin quality: Crobidoll, Loongsoul, Dollstown, Glorydoll, Oceanmoon, Spiritdoll. Crobi and Glorydoll are close to Volks, Oceanmoon and Dollstown are somewhat close. Loongsoul and Spiritdoll are different but also good and really thick.
      Pose-ability: Loongsoul, totally top of my chart, newer seen anything like. Like a dream.
      Sculpt detail: Crobidoll, Glorydoll, Dollzone.
      Company faceups: Crobidoll, Glorydoll, Dream of Doll, Angelheim. All are good. I have both DoD and Crobi dolls with undamaged company face-ups for 6 years.
      Elastic: Loongsoul. The sturdy one.
      Fewest flaws (i.e. less visible seams, etc.): Loongsoul. No seams, headcaps fit nearly seamlessly.
      Customer service: Crobidoll, Dream of Doll. Always a great pleasure, sometimes I just want to have a friendly chat with them.
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    4. Resin quality: Volks has lovely resin, but so does Loong Soul.

      I've heard Fairyland. Among my own dolls, my Elfdoll is great as are the Dollzones.

      Sculpt detail: Iplehouse. Just no contest.

      Company faceups: Iplehouse.

      Elastic: Dollshe, Soom

      Fewest flaws (i.e. less visible seams, etc.):

      Customer service: Souldoll has really been great for me, as has Iplehouse, but I normally buy through agents (ie, Mint on Card, Alice's Collection, Denver Doll). As for Volks, I keep hearing how great customer service is - I guess that's if you MAKE it thru their labyrinthine little system :( ALL my Volks dolls came from other people.

      I LOVE Volks one-touch system - I've an SDGrn body & a Volks Ryoma with it. All dolls should be required to have that LOL
    5. My favourite company is Impldoll, hands down. Their Idol guys are just perfect regarding handling, mobility. And they managed to establish an unsurpassed customer service. Iplehouse's bodies are heavily engineered, but in the end I almost sold them all. I just kept my SID, because I would not anything else for him.

      Sculptwise - Iplehouse is very high on my list. But with me, there is heavy competition for them. Resin quality is also quite good. However, Impldoll now has changed their resin, and I am curious to see it.

      Company face-up. No idea, never bought one. But to me, mostly less is more, I like natural, basic face-ups. If needed, you can add to these. I did this with my 5Star tiny girl, it worked perfectly.

      Flaws: Here, also Impldoll is almost perfect. My two big men I have now and the floating heads were all perfect, and they are very sturdy. But on my Iplehouse SID, one elbow cup broke because they are so thin. I had to use Apoxie to strengthen it (did not hold with superglue). I would consider that a construction flaw. Also the SID knees are not very stable. I prefer longer knee peanuts which just hold their position to those which look good, but like to snap back into the limbs.
    6. Resin quality: In my opinion, Loongsoul's french pink is pretty impressive and their resin colors are very stable. I have heard that Angell Studio's translucent resins were good too.

      Pose-ability: Loongsoul! Their 69cm girl body is amazing!

      Sculpt detail: For human -- RSDoll, Soom (esp. ID72 body). For non-human -- Loongsoul (the limited version GongGong!), Soom

      Company faceups: I personally like Peak's Woods' faceups. (I don't own peakswoods' doll but I visited their booth during doll events.) Their dolls gives a "fairytale" style no matter the clothing or backgrounds. DOD & RSDoll's faceup can easily match many different styles.(casual, ancient, visual, etc.) Angell Studio's tattoo-like fancy faceup is impressive too. It's just too "artistic" to me and is difficult to match with other clothing.

      Elastic: Loongsoul and DOD?

      Fewest flaws (i.e. less visible seams, etc.): I guess Loongsoul? The skin is a little bit smoother than other dolls I own. (and the doll took longest waiting time)

      Customer service: Dream of Dolls! I got my first BJD(s) Too & Bee-A when I was in secondary school(2004?), and about 3 years ago I bought The-B. DOD's customer services were still as friendly as before^ ^

      As you may already know, I am a fan of Loongsoul after I got my 69cm girl, but most of their girl heads seems toooo manly to me, so luckily I did not go broke buying their dolls XD
    7. Resin quality: I love the resin from the old CP Delf dolls, it is heavy and nice to the touch, I also love Dollmore's resin. Less heavy resin would be a match between Volks and Switch.

      Pose-ability: My best poser is from Dollmore

      Sculpt detail: I love the details from Switch and Iplehouse.

      Company faceups: Soom. They are the only bjd company I would pay for a face up. I wanted to add Iplehouse too but I wasn't really happy with the heavy blush I got on my doll.

      Elastic: Dollmore. I have mine since 2008, never changed it and my doll never had a problem.

      Fewest flaws (i.e. less visible seams, etc.): Seams don't bother me so I never pay attention to that kind of thing.

      Customer service: In spite of the bad rep Soom is getting lately, the times I ordered from them I got amazing customer service.
    8. Resin quality: Volks & ShinyDoll have the best resin, I think. Volks is lovely and heavy and just feels good, and ShinyDoll is the most stable resin I've ever encountered. The stuff just doesn't seem to yellow! Dolls I've bought 5 years apart are still perfect resin matches with each other!

      Pose-ability: ShinyDoll, hands down. Doll Leaves also pose well, but the joints are not as pretty.

      Sculpt detail: Volks again. I love their chubby, childlike bodies with details like little fat rolls under the arms and such. Angel Egg dolls are crazy detailed with carved lace details and ribbons threaded throughout the doll.

      Company faceups: Angel Egg- I really like that artist, Soom has some nice faceups, and Doll Leaves limited dolls are always painted really well.

      Elastic: ShinyDolls always seem to be strung with the perfect tension with good quality elastic that lasts.

      Fewest flaws (i.e. less visible seams, etc.): Angel Egg! No hint of a seam or flash anywhere on those incredibly detailed dolls. The artist works for hours on each one to make it perfect.

      Customer service: Angel Egg, Volks, and ShinyDoll. The Volks staff are always very polite when answering questions and stand by their products- I got a defective pair of boots once & they sent a new pair no questions asked. They go above & beyond to make their customers happy. ShinyDoll is just one artist, so you deal directly with him when you order. I had a head I wanted to put on a ShinyDoll body, but the neck opening was all wrong. ShinyDoll offered to mod the head free of charge for me. You can't see the mod at all, it's seamless & perfect. ShinyDoll also really listens to its customers- creating a slim mini, more elf ear sculpts, etc when asked. It's amazing. Angel Egg is also a single artist. She is easy to talk to and really wants her customers to be happy with her dolls. She's constantly updating and changing sculpts so each batch of dolls is unique. She has repaired broken parts free of charge before as well.
    9. Resin quality: For me personally it has been Souldoll, but that is probably just a personal preference! I've heard wonderful things about Volks!

      Pose-ability: AquariusDoll, and Fairyland. For me Fairylands posability depends on whether or not I received a doll from a good batch. A couple of mine, though perfectly strung, can't seem to hold certain poses. Also, their posability doesn't look quite as natural as other companies. Aquarius Doll is underrated but amazing. I really liked the natural posing ability my girl could do!

      Sculpt detail: Souldoll and Dollshe. Souldolls newer bodies are beautiful, and the hands and feet have many little details that many other companies just don't have. Dollshe on the other hand, blows even that out of the water. From lip creases to their beautiful hands and feet.... I've never seen anything like my Dollshe boy, and he is just the fashion size!

      Company faceups: SOULDOLL. You can get custom faceups as well (and not that much more expensive!) and they are absolutely breathtaking! They last for years too. Other companies that I've bought seem to crack after awhile, but my Souldolls remained amazing.

      Fewest flaws (i.e. less visible seams, etc.): Honestly...this was my Resinsoul, haha! The cheapest doll I ever purchased was completely seam free!

      Customer service: I've never had any real problems dealing with any company (well...other than Custom House!), but Dollzone was always really quick to get back with me! But, I've very rarely ever emailed a company concerning an order.
    10. Resin quality: I'm quite fond of Dollshe resin. It's heavy and toothy and just very nice.

      Pose-ability: I collect mostly big dolls that aren't really known for their posing. Out of all of them my 5th Motif boy is, by far, the best. He even came with pilver sueding. Next in line are my Granado boys (both Nuevo and Lads Plus).

      Sculpt detail: Dollshe, 5th Motif, the Souldoll Zenith line for their gorgeous hands and feet.

      Company faceups: Supia does a great job. Granado is also nice!

      Fewest flaws (i.e. less visible seams, etc.): Granado. Hands down. No seamlines on their tan and brown dolls. None. It's insane. Oh! And my last Twigling doll came in a super dark brown and also had zero seamlines. Magic, I tell you!

      Customer service: I've had excellent service from Souldoll, Granado, and Crobidoll.
    11. Luts I have never had a problem with them.
      Resin quality: Great

      Pose-ability: Very good

      Sculpt detail: Getting better but very good

      Company faceups: N/A never had one from them I do all my own

      Elastic: Great

      Fewest flaws (i.e. less visible seams, etc.): Seems ya but nothing big or really noticeable

      Customer service: Never had a problem I have dealt with them many times ordered many dolls and they have always talked me through it. I bought one doll from them and it started to split they had no problem sending me a new part and crediting my account with there the shipping cost. I have never had an issue they are very reliable and usually working right on time.
    12. Thanks, everyone, for the great replies! :D Keep 'em coming! I hope to fill out my own questionnaire once I have a few more dollies to compare.
    13. Resin quality: I do like FairyLand's resin quality; though I've seen complaints about some dolls that have arrived with flaws in the resin, mine have all been fine. However, my Little Monica girl has probably the most substantial resin of my collection so far, and it's a lovely quality.

      Most of mine are pretty solid standers and can do some decent posing, but my most flexible one is my MNF A-Line boy. He isn't as good at standing (he needs to be sueded but I'm putting it off for various reasons), but he cuddles nicely against his somewhat less-flexible boyfriend, which is nice.

      Sculpt detail:
      I don't really go in for a lot of the "realistic" sculpts, so none of mine are super detailed overall, but the detail in the Withdoll male body is actually quite striking, and considerably more toned than I thought it was at first glance. DollPamm Arubi also has a wonderfully detailed little deer body, and I'm sure I'll discover more detail when I finally get to blush her.

      Company faceups:
      Pass, since I don't get company faceups

      My oldest LTF (by which I mean, about as old as they come) still poses very nicely, and has never had his elastic swapped out. The second oldest (maybe a year newer?) also poses very well, and my old (2008) AoD dolls are in decent enough shape. I can't recall if I had to replace the string in the one I recently restyled, or if she kept her elastic and I just tightened it a bit.

      Fewest flaws (i.e. less visible seams, etc.):
      If it's seams you're concerned with, then it's probably the Chinese dolls you're looking for. My SpiritDoll, Magic Time, Legend-Doll, Angel of Dream, Bobobie, ResinSoul, Doll-Love, ImplDoll and DollZone dolls/parts all lack seamlines. For overall resin quality, none of the dolls I own have any clear problems.

      Customer service:
      DollPamm has probably the nicest customer service I've ever encountered! It's a very small operation (as far as I can tell, only one person), but he (I assume) still takes the time to personally answer questions, and is very enthusiastic about his work and just seems genuinely happy when other people like it, too.
    14. Resin quality: Volks, definitely. But I like the heft and grain of Iplehouse's resin as well.

      Pose-ability: I don't think they're around anymore, but Angelheim's Elderheim body is my favourite to pose. Fantasy Doll's tiny dolls are pretty flexible as well.

      Sculpt detail: Iplehouse for faces, but Soom's ID51 body - especially the feet - has a fabulous amount of detail to it.

      Company faceups: Souldoll

      Elastic: LoongSoul seems to have the thickest for size, although I've never had problems with the elastic from any company other than Bobobie, so I'd say most of the ones I've had experience with are pretty equal.

      Fewest flaws: Souldoll, Pipos

      Customer service: I've actually never had to contact any company's customer service (although I probably should have once or twice), so I can't really answer this one.
    15. Resin quality: Volks, though I did have a doll from Souldoll for awhile and she had gorgeous resin, too.

      Pose-ability: From my experience, either Doll Leaves or Fairyland.

      Sculpt detail: Limhwa, crazy-detailed!

      Company faceups: Honestly I haven't really loved anyone's stock face-up, but if I had to pick, I guess Leekeworld was pretty good.

      Elastic: I've had my Volks doll for ten years this month and she's only starting to seem like she might need to be re-strung. By contrast, my Leeke boy has been so floppy for so long that I can't remember when he wasn't made of noodles. I'm not a really dramatic poser, my dolls sit on display a lot, so I may not be the best judge of this.

      Fewest flaws (i.e. less visible seams, etc.): Seams don't really bother me, so I guess I don't really pay attention. No one has really had major flaws that I can recall.

      Customer service: Dollmore was awesome. I haven't bought direct from too many companies but Dollmore was great.
    16. Resin quality: Volks. Nice tooth, nice weight, great color and the UV protect we have here seems to age fabulously. Fairyland/Cerberus Project resin is another favorite. It's annoyingly lightweight, but their NS has a nice solid pink tone to it that ages beautifully (and I say that with ten year old Delfs in the house).

      Pose-ability: I feel like a lot of companies have this down in sections. I have several hybrids with LUTS bodies because I feel like many of them (the SSDF, the old SDF girl, the SDF65) are nicely balanced posers I've been able to do a lot with. Half their bodies go for style over function though, and I'm not really a huge fan of that. Fairyland also ranks in my top choices, though I think their smaller dolls are more poseable than their big ones in a lot of ways (the LTF body is posing perfection!), and some things vary -- I just got an FM60 and her elbows are better at holding a fully folded pose than my old F60 girl's. I also think some of Volks' new bodies -- the SDMidi, the SDGrG and the newest SD16 have great balanced engineering, so they're improving on their old designs. Lots of torso mobility and elbows that work fluidly are A+.

      Sculpt detail: I was super fangirling my wife's La Legend De Temps Lazuli when I pained him becuase his face was so amazingly detailed. We have a Roderich too, and there's just something about the sculpting of their faces that reminds me of classical sculpture. Love it.

      Company faceups: Strangely the companies whose faceups have consistently impressed me over the years are Crobidoll and Peakswoods. Who I haven't really ordered from. XD;

      Elastic: Volks. I don't know what they put in that stuff, but it is noticeably more... springy? I don't know how to describe it, but I love it.

      Fewest flaws (i.e. less visible seams, etc.): I don't really consider seams flaws unless they're really conspicuous. I haven't really had a lot of problems with getting damaged dolls.

      Customer service: Volks. People always complain about their business model, but they will bend over backwards to help their customers with a smile. I always get a little bit of that fresh in the hobby sentimentality back when I buy from them.
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