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:::INDOLLGENCE::: The Australian BJD Dealership!

Aug 21, 2009

    1. INDOLLGENCE has now opened!



      We're only just setting up and Dollzone is the only company currently listed, but the site is constantly updating!

      I'll keep this thread posted with the updates as they happen

      Doll Factory now up!
      ShinyDoll now up!
      Dollzone outfits all up now!
      Dollzone eyes all up!
    2. None of your links work, including the one in your signature... There appears to be a typo?
    3. EEEK! Didn't realize the siggy one was broken! But I made a coding error in the post. All fixed. Thanks!!
    4. You don't actually specify whether your prices are in USD or AUD either.

    5. Aahh, thank you. They're US, as they'd have to change daily because of the exchange rate otherwise, but it's an exceptionally good point!
    6. Doll Factory and Shinydoll is up! Dollzone clothing and eyes have also been added.
    7. How long should we expect to hear back from you when we have sent an email?

      Thanks! :)
    8. When will you do your first Angell Studio order? ^__^
    9. Generally within hours- and if not (Usually meaning my Vista has devoured the funtions of my laptop and I need to calm down and not hurl it through the window... XD) then the next day.

      If it's a difficult question I'll reply then give progress reports as I find things out!

      Joy (my web designer) will start loading Buddy Doll, Bobobie and Angell Studio later this week. There were some huge coding problems she had to straighten out and it's taken her quite some time! I'll post an update when it's online.