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Update Infiniti Doll - bodies

Nov 17, 2009

    1. Looks like the Infiniti Doll SID boy body is now offered up for sale separately! The price is $450.00USD.

      Here is the Infiniti Doll notice about it:

      We offer body parts separately!

      Due to many inquiries about body parts, we now offer SID body parts separately.

      SID body: regular price USD 500 (during winter promotion period USD 450)

      * Only standard edition heads are available.

      Anyway, that body is LOVELY! I have the SID Alex boy and I love him!
    2. AHA! I knew that if I just waited patiently, the company would eventually give in and put the bodies up for sale by themselves! :celebrate

      Does it say on the site how long the "winter promotion period" discount is going to last?
    3. You know, I was thinking the same thing. I even bugged them, just 3 weeks or so ago. They told me at the time that they would NOT sell the bodies separately!

      I'm amazed at how FAST they changed their minds.

      The sale of the SID boy body will be a regular thing too! It's not just a promotion! However the price is.

      It does not say on the site when the promotional price will be over. I've just e-mailed them to ask about it though.