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Infiniti Doll Opening Event

Jul 4, 2009

    1. Hi, this is Infiniti Doll.

      We have opened Infiniti Doll shopping mall at the end of long preparations.

      We will endeavor to satisfy our customers who love doll, and there is event for the opening ceremony.

      *Event of : 10% discount for all UID, free wig(random)
      *Event duration : July 7th,2009 at 00:00 KST(GMT +09:00) - July 14th, 2009 at 24:00 KST

      *The event is based on pre-order. It will take 30~45 days for the shipping.

      Now just UID are available but SID(65cm) is coming soon.

      Your attention on our site is highly appreciated in advanced.

      URL : http://www.infinitidoll.com
      mailto : infinitidoll@gmail.com

    2. Nevermind, they start being on sale July 7, I'm assuming. Is the 10% already factored into the price on the website, or is it an additional 10%?
    3. Hi,
      The price of USD 250 on our website does not reflect the 10% discount offered in the promotion.
      During the promotion, you may order the doll in advance at the discounted price of USD 225.
      The 10% discount only applies to the dolls and does not apply to makeup and shipping.
      Thank you.
    4. Hi - Just wanted to say that the SID male body looks amazing! VERY well sculpted and detailed. What colours will be available for the body and do they match other companies?
    5. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the tinies *_*
      There's only the girl body right? I wander if the boy body will be available ></
    6. Price will be opened at Aug 15, 2009. Thank you. :lol:
    7. There is no plan to sell body part or head separatly. Thank you.
    8. This thread is being locked while these dolls are being reviewed for inclusion on Den of Angels.

      Edit: These dolls are on-topic for Den of Angels. ^_^
    9. Infiniti Doll has added a LAYAWAY PLAN for their products.
    10. OOO!!!

      Looks like there's a sneak peek of new tinies on Infiniti Doll!!!
    11. Today there's a new teaser pic!

      Looks like two new big boys are coming too!