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Infiniti Doll SID Boys - General Thread

Nov 2, 2010

    1. Hi all, this is a general discussion thread for the 65cm SID boys on Infiniti Doll, whether limited or non limited. Looking to find more fans of these gorgeous boys!

      There is also a thread for the SID girl Daffodil and a couple of threads for specifically SID Alex and SID Kay, but there was no general thread for all of them prior to this. =)
    2. I'm going to aspirationally join here, so that I can drool over your Justin when he arrives, and hope for one of my own someday! ;)
    3. Lol, that's great =D

      To any SID boy owners lurking out there... do you guys have any idea if SDF clothing fit? I mean... well... obviously not the really tight ones... but... ^^;;
    4. Wow....

      I'm kind of new to the hobby and I've been looking for a boy to go with my Harmony (see my profile). My problem with most of the boy dolls is that they tend to look aggressive and I wanted one that looked sweet. I'm really glad to have followed that link. I think I've fallen in love with Valentine. Very handsome dolls.

      Thanks for bringing them to my attention!
    5. Well the clothes I have here do not fit my Chris at all, so now I have to shop for him and I am hoping that something out there fits him.
    6. What sort of clothing did you have for him, derilan85? =) Let's list down the brands that work and those that don't... =3

      @ HarmonyNote: No problem =D They're not very well known.... but I myself have fallen real hard for these gorgeous fellows =3
    7. I am looking for casual clothing for him, but that will be a challenge in itself since he is a contract killer.
    8. After seeing some owner pics. I agree Justin is a cutie. I also like Ryan,but I know I'll never own him seeing as he is a limited T_T I like Hue(curious about the normal skin one) and also Steve as well and looking forward to hopefully seeing owner pics of him.
    9. I think Justin's website pictures do not do him as much justice as they could... I do have a friend who is eyeing a Ryan... and I think there are some NS Hue (heads, at least) on the MP, at least there were the last time I checked. xP
    10. I agree about the website pics of Justin. ^_^
      Thank You. I will go and check out the marketplace. Edit: At the moment I cannot. I do not have access to there yet,but will go look around when I am finally able to.
    11. There's one very handsome Justin in the database though. And hopefully soon there will be another added to it! (when I have figured out what sort of clothing he can wear.)
      The pictures of him on the website are so... hm, plain compared to the other SID boys, do you not think so? I mean, for example, compared to Hue or Chris... (who is very cute!)
      Ah, yes. =3 You'll see the MP eventually =)
    12. I look forward to seeing pics of him when you get him. ^_^
      I agree. They could have dressed him in something a little more eye catching.
    13. [​IMG]

      Ain't he fine!
    14. derilan85- yes he is. I love his eyes too. Very pretty color ^_^
    15. My Justin is home! Nobody has posted in this thread for days though. Just throwing a note out there, guys - even if Infiniti tells you the heads are 9-10 sized... they may not be!
    16. @Razaera- Could you tell me the head circumference of Justin? Infiniti doesn't list this info on the site. Maybe I can figure out what wig size Hue might wear based off of it. Also what clothes brand did you end up buying for him. Do you like the way they fit?
    17. I don't remember the exact measurement, but I THINK it's about 8 ish. Definitely not past a 9. >>;; I don't know what clothes fit him yet. xD I mean, he has one pair of nine9style jeans (might not keep those if he can get a Sadol pair in proper black) - the rest of the clothing hasn't arrived/been ordered. xD Gonna hit some local group orders, y'know. =)

      I think his wig came in actually but I have a missed delivery slip, so gonna go down to the post office!
    18. So far when it comes to wigs for the SID guys I think 8-9 is a good fit. Anything bigger would swim on their head.
    19. Thanks Razaera, derilan85 - I have a few 8-9 wigs at home so I'll try those on for size before I actually commit and buy one. :)
      Sorry to be a pest but could either of you measure your doll's leg and let me know how long it is? Again Infiniti only listed how long his thigh is (16.5 cm)

      @Razaera- Thanks for the info on the pants and hope your new wig fits. I might try an outfit from dollzone for Hue as I can get it local and save on shipping. As soon as he arrives I'll report back whether it fits ok or not.
    20. @ serenity: Ah, the new wig fits! It's from Switch, 8-9, and it fits like a glove! Am very happy. xD Just measured his leg for you - it's about 36cm =)