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Infiniti Doll UID Tinies:D

Jul 4, 2009

    1. I just this morning learned of these little guys via this news thread:

      I then checked out their site as the tiny in the news thread was too cute to ignore:D
      You can see all the different molds here:

      You can have a clear look at the body here:

      They're 26cm tall and oh so delicate and sweet! I love little Tiki:XD:
    2. I really love Cori and Tiki! They're beautiful!

      The body seems to be nice and well designed. I like the double joints in the elbows and knees.
    3. I was hoping someone would start a thread on these cuties <3 I love little Tiki! And the bodies are really nicely constructed, I love how they look. Here when I'm thinking about getting out of the Yo-size completely, too... darn it. xD
    4. I love Pippin :D

      I feel tempted for a tiny doll now~
    5. Oooooo Mitya ...we have very simialr taste LOL ...love Tiki too
      I know its dressed as a boy ...but HE reminds me so much of a tiny Megu ...very nice
      I keep telling myself I DONT need one this size ..but if I did ..I think it would have to be Tiki LOL
    6. Oh, I'm sooo tempted :D. Those are really lovely dolls and I have a special feeling for Ari. It's good that my wallet is almost empty now :).
    7. These dolls are so verrrrrry sweet! :D I love Tiki :3 It seems they are non-gendered...? Is that the case? (Like Volks Tenshi dolls?)
      I will be looking forward to their 65cm line, too :3
    8. :aheartbea:D Yes! I often say this to myself as I keep finding we have so much in common when it comes to tinies! Especially our love of "proper" tiny boys:lol: Isn't Tiki just so sweet? I also noticed his face is reminiscent of Megu! I just love that gentle expression.. Haha, I know what you mean, I am finding myself wanting more and more micro tinies but I can't bear the thought of not having Tiki eventually!:D
    9. Ari and Cori are too precious for words...so soft and gentle!

      *cannot get dollies right now*
    10. I wonder, have they any relations with LUTS and Volks... Tinki and Cori look very similar to Volks YoSD... Pippin and Ari to Luts... and especially the body...
      Hm, I would prefer to buy Honey Delf for 210$ from Luts...
    11. My first thought was that the bodies remind me of Luts Honey Delfs. There is something familiar, but I can't put the finger on it.
    12. Yes, Pippin is very very close to Honey Delf Muffin... :|
    13. I'm so in love with Cori! I've been on the lookout for a tiny for awhile now, and she hits just the spot! :aheartbea I don't know nearly enough about any other tinies to start flinging about accusations, but I'm holding out hope for her. XP
    14. They're very cute, but I'm very wary due to the similarities between their molds, and some Volks and Luts molds. I think I'll wait until they're looked into a bit more, and even then... I don't know, it just gives me a bad feeling.
    15. I think it's much too soon to be tossing out accusations, though I understand suspicion is warranted with any new company. While the heads are reminiscent of Luts and Volks, the hands and bodies don't looks anything like either company except in the way that all tinies are very similarly constructed. I could say that Pippin reminds me of Peakswood Pop Moth if he were a tiny, but it would just be speculation, right? :sweat

      And yes, my goodness they are adorable~! :D
    16. Well, Peakswood doesn't have that mold as a tiny. The one mold is way close to the Yo-SD. I'm not saying "This company is copying!" only that the molds look VERY similar. There's nothing that would stop a company from simply recasting that head onto a different body, or one that they've made.

      Like I said, I'll wait until things are looked into further. It's entirely possible that the dolls' faceups have influenced how close they look to other molds, and the company will prove to be clean, as it were.
    17. I love love love Tiki a whole lot, but I am very leery about buying him/her until I am sure there's no copying going on. I don't want to buy a doll just to have her banned :(
      But I'm really really hoping! Comparing Tiki to, say, a Yo-SD Megu, they're very different even though at first glance Tiki looks very much like her.
      Not to mention...they're not cheap, are they!
    18. From the built of their bodies and the overall look, I'd place them in the upper half of tiny dolls, quality-wise. They look really well made.

      If I had some money left, I'd totally be ordering one!
    19. At first glance Ari reminded me of Luts too.. and maybe it's just me but her eyes seem kind of big and give her an "I'm lost" look...
    20. Little bump for this! Anyone ordered one of these darlings yet? ^^