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Infiniti Doll's Second Anniversary and the Introduction of New Dolls

May 19, 2011

    1. To celebrate the second anniversary and the arrival of new doll members, Infiniti is having an celebration event.
      We wish you take advantage of this offer.

      Launching Dates for New Dolls

      20th of May - 26cm UID Amber & Aiden
      27th of May - 65cm SID Moris & Luke
      60cm SID13 Isabella & Vivian
      About the Event
      From 20th of May thru 30th of June, 2011
      What about it?
      1. 10% Discount on following products - SID, SID13, SID body parts, SID13 body parts. (UID dolls, DEARMINE dolls, costumes, make-up, and accessories are excluded)
      2) Event Head 'Joy' - If you purchase SID, SID13, SID body parts, SID13 body parts and/or UID Amber and Aiden during the event period, you will get the event head 'Joy'. Event head 'Joy' is not available separately.

      UID Aiden

      UID Amber

      Event Head 'Joy'

      URL : http://www.infinitidoll.com