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Infinitidoll Kay Discussion

May 20, 2010

    1. At first I was turned off by the eye-wig combination in the promo pics, but after messing with them in Photoshop I think I might be in trouble! Anyone else tempted by this boy? Already ordered?
    2. You're not the only one interested, chaos_zebra. I fell for him the moment I saw his promo pictures and can't get him out of my head.

      I am tempted by the company's layaway option, to say the very least.
    3. I'm interested in the event head but I want Hue too! I'm hoping I'll be able to get the event head and still do a layaway. Some companies won't let you do that. I'm waiting for their answer before I order!
    4. I saw an open topic on their Q&A board regarding the event and layaway. It sounds like you still qualify.


      Personally I wish they would re-release Chris. I missed out on him and still regret it.
    5. Yeah, I think it's a shame so many of their dolls are limited. I'd like to wait a while since I've already got three coming. :sweat But I know I'm going to want an SD-sized boy eventually, and Kay is my favorite face so far. Not sure about the body though; I love the arms and hands, but he's so skinny!
    6. @chaos_zebra:

      Congrats on your incoming dolls - I hope they arrive soon for you! ;)

      I'm also questioning the body, but for different reasons. The characters (twins, actually) I am considering Kay for would ultimately be paired with an Angell-Studio Cinderella, and after I compared her measurements to his Kay seems like he might be too bulky. Arg. I'm so torn.

      I had other dolls planned to fill those roles then this handsome boy and his dreamy event head come along. Arg again.
    7. Thanks PeppermintPocky! :) Ooh, Kay twins? As in awake and sleeping?

      It would be nice if they sold their heads separately, wouldn't it?
    8. oh excellent! I'm probably going to go for it then! :)

    9. @chaos_zebra: Hehe, yeah. :sweat Awake and Dreaming Kay twins, if I end up going that route. If they offered heads separately I probably would have already ordered. :XD: But since I am unsure about the body proportions for the character it is difficult for me to justify buying one (let alone, two!) bodies. :( I'm still need to sleep on it.

      @wc_dragon: Whoo hoo! :) Like I said, you might want to contact them just to be sure. :thumbup Layaway is always so tempting (and much appreciated ;))
    10. I'm really excited about this event, I was thinking I wanted a Hue but the pictures of Kay look very nice too. Has anyone ordered from Infiniti Doll before? I looked them up in the Company list and didn't see the feedback here on the forum, also there is no pictures of a Hue here either? I'm shocked because he looks great and I'd love to see some more pictures.
    11. Rohava, their 2009 feedback thread is here. Seems like they're doing great.
    12. Just received my order from Infiniti Doll last month. Was on a 4 month layway and it took them just 1 week to ship out my order after the final payment. Very efficient. The layway payment can be complicated but it should not be a problem if you follow the instructions carefully.

      Oh, but I ordered a Chris not Hue..
    13. I think I really like Kay sculpt but unfortunately he doesn't fit any of the characters of mine that I want to bring home.
      However, I may want to take an advantage this time and keep the body for myself and sell both Kay heads in the market place.

      I ordered LE Daniel months ago on a layaway and I must say, they are excellent with communication
      and shipped the doll faster than I imagined. It was a split (I took the head) so my Daniel needs a body now.
      If Kay fit my OCs, I would bring him home!! He IS gorgeous!!
    14. Thanks for the info! If the layaway will be eligible this sounds like a great time to buy specially with the sale, now I must decide Kay or Hue? I wish I could find more pictures of Hue on the forum here.
    15. I placed my order today :celebrate I thought from pretty much first glance that he would fit a specific character... and I'm really hoping he will! I can't wait to see him in person. I hope the fact that I ordered without a face-up will make the wait less excruciatingly long lol.
    16. Congrats Supafunk! Do I even need to say we want to see pictures as soon as he arrives? :D
    17. OMG I was waiting to place my order and final decided, went to the site and there is a cute new limited boy for sale! I ordered a Ryan and should get the event head also, I'm really excited :) The checkout was so easy too!
    18. Lots more pictures of Kay are up on his page with different eyes/wig/outfit. Check it out! :D