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[info] Elfdoll's New Body For The New Standard Rainy Girls.

Apr 30, 2008


      Here is the detail info about the new body for the new standard rainy girls.


      The skin color is same with the old version standard Rainy girls.

      If you have any questions, please connect with us.
      We will do our best for you.

      Foreign Trade Manager
      Artmaze USA Inc.
      Tell: 1 818-507-6936
      Fax: 1 818-507-7426

    2. Will there be Large/Small bust options like the previous body or is it one size only?
    3. Will you offer a choice of a natural bust?

      Because - although it breaks my heart - I will never be able to buy another Rainydoll if she would come with that horrible squashed bust! :...(

      A natural bust, such as Rainman first sculpted for the new body, is my only hope!
    4. Will there be other optional hands?
    5. We produce only this new body..

      thanks for your asking about that.


    6. Sorry dear..

      We just produce only this new body continually.

      If you really want to get the old body, please let me know...

      Our showroom has the one Sooah and the one Lydia with the old body.

      And some retailers have some of old rainy dollss.

      Please connect with them...

      Sorry again..

    7. Sincerely

    8. Dear Ms. Cholong,

      In his Making-Story for Hazy's Busts (linked here) Mr. Rainman tells us how he first created a lovely bust for this new body, but then allowed someone called DK to convince him to change it to the current, horribly squashed bust instead, just before the new body went into full production.

      If the new body had the bust that Mr. Rainman himself originally wanted it to have, I would buy an Elfdoll girl in the future.

      But if they will only be produced with the bust that DK wanted Mr. Rainman to make, I'm afraid I never will buy one again.

      My question then is: do you think that you will upgrade this new body with the other bust, the one Mr. Rainman really wanted it to have, or will you only be producing the body with the unnatural, squashed bust?

      Sincerely yours,
      J.M. //The Dragon


      Judging from the ongoing discussion that twigling referred to earlier (linked here), as well as in the earlier discussion on Hazy's body (linked here), it would seem that the most predominant sentiment by far among Elfdoll's fans rejects the squashed bust utterly in almost unanimous favour of the more shapely bust that Mr. Rainman wanted for the new body.
      Will Elfdoll truly not reconsider, and allow the fans the option of buying the new body with the lovely natural bust that the vast majority of the fans, as well as Mr. Rainman himself, so clearly prefer?