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Info on the the Roxy Doll tinies?

May 29, 2010

    1. I looked and am honestly surprised these dolls never had a proper discussion thread. If they do, I'm sorry, I couldn't find it. :sweat

      After seeing the new Hungry Heart dolls by Aeyork, whom I believe are a spin-off of the Roxy Doll line since they use the same body and are sculpted by the same artist, it got me looking at them and NotDoll Lab's Roxy girls. (Oh, the Hungry Heart dolls haven't been stated as on-topic or not, yet, so we need to restrict discussion to the Roxy girls until a mod gives the OK!)

      I was planning to get a pair of twin-ish doll girls in this sort of range, and was looking at PukiFees or Banjis, but I like that these girls are little more mature looking without being adult at all. Needless to say, I've fallen rather hard for them!

      Anyone farmiliar with them mind helping a newbie out? Are they nice quality? How do they pose? What about clothes, wigs, and eyes?

      I don't have any experience with buying from NotDoll Lab, either, but I've not heard anything bad about them other than that most people don't like their dolls. :sweat
    2. Bump. Now I've got a Lucy on layaway. :)

      Doesn't anyone have these girls?
    3. I have a tan Lucy, but she was an adoption, so I've never dealt with the company. She's a beautiful doll, but very very slender. The closest to her in size is OD Joong. I have tried her in Bratz/Bratz Kids, Only Hearts, and Mattel 6" doll clothing. She wears a 4" wig, which are fairly easy to find, and I'm guessing she'd take a 6-8mm eye.

      Her 3-part torso makes her a bit fussy to pose...I wired my girl after restringing her a couple of times. Now she can actually stand on her own.


      Here's a comparison I did a while back with other dolls in her size range:

    4. Wow! Thank you! :aheartbea

      It looks like they would fit Elfdoll clothes; dresses, anyway. And thanks for given me a nifty size range for friends for them!
    5. Make sure it's clothing for Elfdoll Hana, not the original tinys, which are smaller/thinner. Shoes that fit Hana should fit her fine (I use Only Hearts shoes with mine, and some vinyl doll shoes).
    6. I have a Roxy Lucy, too, although she's visiting Armeleia and Junkets right now. She is very kicky and needs to be wired. (She keeps trying to collapse into a fetal position). She fits perfectly into Tiny Betsy McCall clothes and shoes, too.