Info on Volks "D" doll

May 12, 2005

    1. Hi! Does anyone know ANY info about the limited "D" gothic lolita doll. What head mold is she? A limited one? Any non official pics? Thanks!
    2. Thanks so much!
    3. yes, she's basically a foursister SD13 girl (with beauty white skin) with special makeup and outfit. ^_^ Some Volks stores may even still sell SD13 four sister girl before she sells out completely... I imagine she shouldnt be so hard to find, and getting one painted like her probably wouldnt be too hard. Her outfit is pretty awesome though.

      Also, you could get one very similar to her through FCS, like someone else mentioned.

      If you want her specifically, she pops up on YJA every once in a while. My friend, Susan, owns one, if you'd like to see photos of hers:

    4. Actually she looks normal skin to me. At least she did when I saw her. So she's basically just a regular SD13 sister with a custom faceup and outfit. The outfit is very cool though.
    5. you could be right! I dont really remember whether she's white skin or not.
    6. Really? I thought she was the spitting image of beauty white skin when I saw her at Studio Alta Tenshi no Sumika. Then again, it's been almost a year. (*sob* I miss Japan. T_T)

      But, yeah, I'll agree that it's a really cool outfit. XD

    7. Unless that was a special one. I saw her when they were still selling all the EGL models in Japan and the one I saw was normal skin. Did they put out some with white skin and some with normal? It could be that I'm remembering wrong, but I could have sworn I remember being kind of disappointed cause she wasn't white skin and I wanted her to be. Does anyone happen to own one?
    8. I don't think they made two skintones, but maybe she just looked white because she's wearing all black with black lips in a brightly-lit case. Actually, that's probably it. *_*

      It'd be nice if someone here happened to own one, though! I'd be surprised if no one did... there are so many dolls here now... Anyone?

    9. One girl posted about her D maybe a month or 2 back in the "Larger Doll" thread. A search would probably turn it up. :grin:
    10. Thanks everyone for all the info!
    11. To be specific:
      Sara13 head
      SD13 Body

      Info from La carte d'un Ange. No mention of skin color (that I cold make out), thus probably standard.

    12. There's one selling at Yahoo Japan Auction:

      kinda expensive,
      but this should be 100% original, no modification on make up and body.
      New condition.

      all Volks limitted edition are expensive when you have to get them from 2nd hand market, right?

      I love her outfit too!
    13. My friend Susan owns her and she says that she thinks she is normal skin. ^_^
    14. I think they have a non-LE 4 Sisters girl at my local Volks (Sara?)... if you're just looking for the doll without the outfit. You might just need to ask around to different deputy services - it seems like all the stock at the Volks shops is really different.

    15. oh, ok Thanks!