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Information for Afghan, and changes of TensiYa.

Dec 19, 2005

    1. Hi, dear ^^
      It is very long time to see you.
      I was very surprised to see sevral news for Afghan here. (what a fast threads)

      Yes, Afghan is released, and
      in my case, I arranges her as Queen of Black (of Chess Game)
      as the 1st line of "Mate!" series, which I wanted to design as style of Middle Ages.



      (sorry, files are too large to attach..^^)

      Let me tell you about her detail information.
      Afghan was planned as sister elder of Hound, before releasing Hound dolls.
      But Waves of Hound doll was too strong, and he was developed more and more.
      Now it tooks 1 year for Hound's birth. and Afghan is awaking.

      Here is a detail sizes of Afghan.
      -16mm eyes,
      -68cm tall
      -head size is 20.5cm (very smaller than Hound doll)
      -and can swap head to Hound body.
      yes, you can make a Afghan Boy, and Hound girl.
      but Hound girl..I don't recommand. sholder seems too narrow
      -arm 20cm,
      -Feet 8.2cm

      she can wear sandale styles of 13 SD dolls. (*can stand as heel style shoes)
      but can not wear boots styles, because her ankle joints are too big.

      and I have to make serval report for changes of TensiYa.
      TensiYa has a new member, named Momo who controlls all shippments and answerings.
      I'm very sorry for my retirement(?) of answering center.
      but I had to concentrate for limited doll's work,too. (as like Bermann doll)
      I always wanted to make a conversation with you directly, but, there were limit of my time..

      MoMo is...really really sweet lady, she guided me to the world of Ball jointed Doll. because BJ dolls are too larger than my favorite ones(15inches), without her, there are no exist of Anu in BJ dolls. ^^a

      But If you have trouble something, and want to make a communication with me, use my private email at any time you want. I will do my best as always.

      About Bermann doll...
      Nowdays, I can concentrate only for doll works, for the favor of Momo.
      Since she is familiar with many doll fans, she learned every works very fast.
      so, It is possible to see next Bermanns in sooner or late.
      (but not just right now! it is impossible.
      I want to prepare full stock before releasing, as like Tanned Hound works)
      I always so sorry for my late works...

      And one morething I want to ask to you..is ...

      I'm finding someone who can help me, in order to release serval fancy goods to doll fans.
      I made some fancy goods to make celebration of Chiristmas time, and Happy new year. but...Shippment fees are too high, (for rasing of EMS fees too)

      I always love to give a gift, but..wall of shippment fees makes me bankruptcy.
      I can give some gift only for my shop customers Just when they make orders to me. It is very sad...T-T...
      (I made too many numbers of gift for you,because Printing works are always mass-products. -_T)

      If there are somone who can help me, please..I'm finding a brave volunteer.
      who can get some fancy good from me, and release to doll fans of DOA, near by you?

      It would be better than you have some off-line meeting.
      Make a message on the borad of 1:1. sweet MoMo will greeting you.
      and I will send ehough numbers of print goods for you.
      please share them with your friends.

      someone who lives in USA (each 3 person, East/Middle/West)
      and Asia (3 for Hong kong/Singapore/Asia)
      and Japan (4 for islands and tokyo)

      I will sell them later in my shop in low price too (..it was too large number)
      but before purchasing, please if there are somone in need, make a touch with us. ^-^

      Happy chirst-mas, and Happy New year, everyone~*

      Always Sincereley yours
      (absorbed in sending X-mas gift for my sweet friends.^^)
    2. Oh my....She's beautiful. I wonder how much she'll cost...? About the same as Hound, maybe?
    3. She really is lovely. The Queen of Black design is beautiful as well! I love her dress.

      I look forward to future releases of Bermann. I'd love to own him one day, he's gorgeous. :)
    4. Wow...just plain amazing, Anu :)

      Trying SOOO hard not to want her yet...

      Ru first. RU FIRST!!! *ties herself down!*
    5. Wow wait are they looking for distributors? Man, I`d like to do that, unfortunatly I have no idea how to do something like that. And besides I live in Canada =/
    6. Anu,
      Afghan is really beautiful!
      And I like the fact that her head fits the male body also...a boy! Afghan sounds cool.
    7. I love her, Anu. You always put so much thought and love into the works you present!


    8. Anu,
      I live in Eastern USA. Is this something that can be mailed? I can help. Perhaps people would be willing to send me a stamped self addressed envelope and I can send on whatever it is you have to give?

      Please email me ..we can work something out.

    9. Anu she is so beautiful *smile* The details in her outfit are stunning as well as the pictures you took *hugs*
    10. She's more gorgeous than I had imagined. And, you know, she's very regal and elegant.^^

      Your outfits are always so wonderful. Back detailing is gorgeous and as I look at your photos I remember another one of your creations...^^ Jesse should know of whom I speak....and about 10 others. ^0^

      La Riene Noire.
    11. She is beautiful Anu! And I'm so excited to hear about new Bermanns! :fangirl
    12. Anu, I'm smack-dab in the middle of the Midwest, so if there's anything I can do to help out, I'd love to.
    13. juz posted on the 1:1 board... yeah i dun mind distributing :D

      oh well happy holidays people i am off for a holiday this firday :D
    14. A mysterious gift!?
      I can do distribution for the west coast. (I'll go post on the Tensiya board.)

    15. $530! She's already available to order!
      I love that her head can be swapped!!
    16. She is simply breathtaking! And the "Mate" theme is very creative, I like it a lot. ^_^ Thank you so much for your post!
    17. Thank you for all your hard work Anu! I give you flowers::daisy :daisy :daisy
      Afghan is lovely, it's nice to finally see a really tall girl! Perhaps she will come to live with me some day. :love
    18. Beautiful, as always! Are there body shots posted anywhere? I'd love to see her figure.