Information on Super Dollfie Sei?

May 28, 2007

    1. Super Dollfie Sei

      I was on GiggleGeek today when I saw these adorable tinies. @[email protected] But Giggle Geek has very little information on them.

      I find it very fdifficult to navigate through the Volks siteas it is, but I made a search and there were very few results, oly oneof which had a picture of the right dolls with a pair of SDs. I searched DOA too, but there were no results.

      I LOVE these dolls. Does anyone have any info on them?

      Are they even for sale ^^;?
    2. I know there's information here somewhere....I'll look for you in a minute but you can't buy Sei-Tenshi or Rei-Tenshi unless someone is putting them up for sale on the secondary market.They are only used as special raffle gifts and prizes at Special Volks Dolpas.
    3. From the Aimee's info on the DOA mainpage FAQ:

      Sei-Tenshi - "Spirit Angels" - SeiTenshi are slightly smaller/different than Youtenshi and are volks smallest dolls so far. Originally VOLKS released only 3 SeiTenshi and they were given out as kindof a "lotto" item at Dolpa 12. Hoh, Hikaru and Hook were the first three. After that VOLKS has started to give them away as lottery gifts at special events in Japan and the USA. They are never available for sale (except for rarely on the aftermarket). They have a non-jointed torso.

      Yo-Super Dollfie (YoSD)/ Yo-tenshi - A little bigger than Sei-tenshi. They are smaller than MSD and look like tiny fairies or toddlers! They have jointed waists. (then "tenshi" variation is available only at Tenshi No Sato in Kyoto japan and has wings... normal Yo-SD do not have wings.)
    4. Thank you ^o^

      Awwww, such a pity they can't be bought ;.; They are so darn cute!

      I will continue to admire from afar then XD
    5. A friend of a friend was lucky enough to have won a sei tenshi at DP17 early this month!
      It's a sleeping girl angel who looks too sweet to be described in words (I've only seen her in photos).

      Unfortunately, these little angels are sold at ridiculously high prices on the second-hand market should winners decide not to keep them.

      *sigh* I would love to have one too!
    6. I know how you feel. I actually was trying to bid on one rare one that made it to Y!Japan but it went for nearly $2000

      Here's a link for more pictures look under Tenshi.

      They also now have Rei tenshi