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Ingenue by twigling; now with optional larger bust & dreaming face

Mar 16, 2012

    1. Ingenue is back!


      This time I am also offering some new parts, namely a large bust, a head with dreaming eyes and a pair of relaxed hands. You are able to choose either/or of each one, or both. With the updated ordering form you can now order heads and bodies separately, as well as the optional parts. The original girl with all her original parts is still available too; I have also tried to make the feet a little bit smaller this time.

      Scroll down for links to more pictures (including side-by-sides of the new and old parts), doll information such as measurements, and the ordering page.

      With the order just open, there are 4 slots available for tan dolls, so get in quick if that is your preference. This preorder is technically #3, as #2 has filled up while we waited for the first one, but I'm hoping to run #2 and #3 more or less at the same time.

      Presently, the only pictures available of the new parts are the grey primer kind, but they should still give a fair indication of what the finished product will look like.

      You'll be able to find most of the information on Ingenue here, and to place an order, this is the page you want. (If I've missed anything, please ask, and I'll do my best to answer).

      Here is also a gallery of some of the Ingenues I have made last year; please note that artisan casts are not being offered at this time. If you want to see some of the procast dolls from the first preorder, this is the page to watch.
    2. That new SA head is simply gorgeous. <3

      Do you have any examples of Dollshe's 'ebony'? Might it be similar to your artist-cast Kanya?
    3. Can you tell us how many slots there are available or if you are going to run more pre-orders for this doll in the future (is she available all the time)? I would love a head, but I am sure next month would be the soonest I would be able to buy another doll.
    4. Morgan, nobody ordered Ebony resin in the first group so I haven't seen it in person yet, I think there is an ebony doll in group 2, but we won't see it for some time ~ I doubt she would be as dark as Kanya though.

      louiselle, I'd like to run more preorders in the future; but it depends on how popular she is. There are 20 slots in each order, that's just the maximum Dollshe can get from one set of molds.
    5. Are you going to invoice the extra pieces for the first preorder or would you like for us to place an order for them with this preorder? Thanks :)
    6. Twigling: Ah, so not a literal ebony then... *Googles* Aha! If anyone else is wondering, I found a comparison with all six colors (instead of the more common five):


      It's about half-way down the page, and yes, "ebony" is definitely just a darker shade of brown, not anything approaching a true black. Ah well... it's still a lovely color, though. :)

      Also, since I was just looking for the Ingenue discussion thread:
    7. Willowrain, I will just as soon as the #3 order starts to fill up.