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Inkling discussion part 1

Oct 22, 2010

    1. Howdy everybody!! :D I am so excited to be able to post now about Inkling, a new tiny sculpted by our own DOA Moderator Extraordinaire, Aimee (armeleia). :fangirl:

      Here's a link to the blog which has some really awesome pictures of her as she came into being. The whole process is FASCINATING. I love Aimee's pics of her standing on the workdesk... she looks so expectant, like here I am! I'm ready!!

      Aimee tells me she's about the size of a roxydoll lucy and that her torso is about the size of a bratz or the new monster high dolls. AND she can fit Bratz Kidz clothes (not the babies, the kidz - they don't make them anymore, but stuff can still be found for her). Aimee told me she was rather meant to be the size to be a BJD for the BJDs, which I LOVE, and have wanted FOREVER. I'm so excited!!!!!!

      She will come in peach or white resin. It's NOT french resin so we don't have to worry about extensive yellowing! woot! She has 5 faceplates - open, sleeping, smirk, pout, and laughing. SUPER EXCITED about the weeny faceplates. I am obsessed with dolls with faceplates!!!!

      There will be more info to come but I just wanted to introduce her now that she's almost ready. :aheartbea

      PS yeah Aimee, I TOTALLY stole these pictures from your site. :sweat

      I love this picture I love it I love it

      Inkling discussion part 1:
    2. squeee! Aimee's cast from China arrived!!!!!!!! (shamelessly swiping a pic from her blog, more pics HERE)
      she poses SO WELL!!! I think her body reminds me of Marilyn Monroe. I'm serious. Marilyn had seriously big boobs and a nice can.
    3. LOL, a nice can? ;)

      I got her sample painted tonight, so I hope to get the order page up tomorrow. I need to take more pics, though. None of the ones I took tonight were quite what I wanted. Here are my favorite two that I got, though:

      (Bratz Kidz dress)

      (Terrible dress that I made - ha ha, my first smocking.)

      And here are her faceplates with the default faceup:
      (Please keep in mind that these faceplates are smaller than Puki faceplates, so this is a lot bigger than the real thing!)

      I found a better source for glass eyes so the dolls will come with nicer eyes than the ones in the pictures. I don't actually like the ones in the pics - They're more like glass balls with the irises painted on, and they're not the same within the pair... so they look crooked no matter what I do! The ones I found are more like normal BJD eyes and have a slight paperweight.

      Her final size was 18.5cm (7.25")... which was just about exactly what I was going for.

      She'll be $200 for the body and default faceplate (unpainted). Each additional faceplate will be $15, faceups will be $15 per plate. By default, she will come blank. With faceups, there are two options - default and "Okay Aimee, just paint whatever you feel like doing." :) Hopefully order info will be all set to go by tomorrow, I just need more and better pics.
    4. The default for $200 is the body, headback, and default faceplate - unpainted. Each of the expression plates is an additional $15. Faceups are $15 per faceplate. You can order multiples of any of the plates except the default (sorry!).

      I'm not sure if faceplates will be offered separately later - it will depend on how well she does. That will also decide if there are future ordering periods and pointy-eared versions. If she's popular enough, I'd love to do these things. (But being really honest, if she doesn't sell well I won't be able to afford a second order or extras.)

      She wears a size 3 or 3-4 wig. The white wig shown above is my housemate's Mermina wig. I believe she can also wear puki wigs; Though her head is narrower, I gave her a longer cranium so she could still wear normal wigs.

      Her eyes are 4mm, though she may be able to do 5mm.

      I'll be trying more pictures tonight and hope to get the order form up by 7 or 8. :)
    5. LOL, you beat me to it!

      New pics are up along with the order form:

      This is my favorite pic!

      And for anyone who's interested, here is a comparison with a puki...
      Puki is slightly pinker, but you could still put a puki head (you'd need the headback too though) on Inkling's body if you wanted something that was sort of like the Chic Line + L faceplate... or a tiny Dollfie Dream.

      ...and a 60cm Everpurple Iris...

      Thanks everyone for the encouragement. :)
    6. Oh how cool! She's gonna be my puki girl's buddy. :whee: They're so cute together! Unfortunately I can't order right away but I will definitely be ordering her. :aheartbea

      Any idea on shoes that might fit?
    7. She wears Blythe or 1/6th Volks Dollfie shoes. (I made her fit specifically to fit the Dollfie shoes.)
    8. I don't have a lot of Bratz clothing, but I think it would be much too big on her. I have lots of Blythe clothing, and almost all of it is far too big. She's really tiny! The Monster High dolls have especially slender bodies, so those work, but Bratz are a bit more chubby. For height, Odeco clothes seem to work but again they are too wide; I'm modifying an Odeco pattern in Doll Coordinate Recipe to be more slender and will see how that goes.
    9. I bought a few dolls to check sizing for clothes...

      Bratz shirts and dresses fit pretty well! Sher is right that the white dress must have been a Bratz dress rather than Bratz Kidz. Bratz trousers fit weird... they're loose in the legs and a little short in the crotch. Inkling has a serious booty, so she does fill out the seat of the pants. I'll try to take pics tomorrow.

      The Monster High Frankie dress fit nicely, though it was a bit tight in the shoulders. The waist and ribs fit very snug and hugged her little torso.

      I'll try to take pics of those things tomorrow!

      KireiX, I don't have a MiniFee, but I do have a Chic Line boy. Would that help? The bodies are almost the same.

      Merangel, here are her measurements:

      Height: 18.5cm
      Head Circumference: 8.5cm (3.25″)
      Neck (circumference): 2.8cm
      Shoulders (across): 4.2cm
      Bust (circumference): 8.2cm
      Waist (circumference): 4.8cm
      Hips (circumference): 8.4cm
      Thigh (circumference): 5.3cm
      Thigh (length): 5.3cm
      Calf (circumference): 3.5cm
      Calf (length): 5.0cm
      Ankle (circumference): 2.3cm
      Foot (length): 2.4cm
      Foot (across): 0.8cm
      Upper Arm (length): 3.0cm
      Forearm (length): 2.5cm
      Wrist (circumference): 1.8cm

      They're the best I could do, but they're probably off by a few millimeters here and there.
      Embarassingly, I realized that if Inkling was a full-sized human, her measurements would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 40-22-40. Gee, I'm glad that dolls stopped protraying unrealistic body images back in the 80's... :sweat :blush
    10. She can wear most 1/6 shoes, like Blythe/Pullip shoes or the 1/6 shoes Luts has. However, her small scale makes some shoes look more like clown shoes even though they fit; I've had that issue with Azone shoes, and she definitely can't wear Ixtee stuff. Boots are also difficult since her feet don't squish down into them, but I think she looks cute in Lati Yellow boots. (A bit wide, but still cute.)
    11. I took a whole bunch of comparison pics, as well as some photos showing how different brands of shoes fit. I don't have time to resize them all right now, but here's one showing Inkling with various dolls generally considered to fit 23cm clothes.


      Left to right:
      Blythe on Pure Neemo Flection body, vintage Skipper, Inkling, Bratz, Blythe.

      Comparison pics coming show her with Pullip type 3 & 4, Barbie, Monster High, Roxydoll Lucy, Elfdoll Min, Hujoo, Volks customize figure kit, and Strawberry Shortcake. ^^
    12. Anyone know how Volks EBI mini 22 cm clothes would fit on her?
    13. I'm not sure about 22cm dollfie, but there's an outfit I'm thinking of ordering to try.

      Thanks for the pics, dezarii! I bought some bratz last week to try the clothes on her and all the tops fit well really well. The pants were loose, but not horrible. I wonder if the 10th anniversary Brayz are different? (They're jointed more, so they could be.). I'll post some pics later of that, as well as Bratz Kidz if I can find where I put them.

      The shoes her feet are sized to specifically are Volks Who's that Girl? line... Most any of those should fit slimly around her foot and work proportionately.

      In good news, I will also be sending an Inkling to Spampy... So Spampy will be adding Inkling to the list of sizes that she can sew for. :)
    14. There a shot of Inkling with a Puki Puki in the Inkling gallery. :)
    15. Sorry I haven't been posting... it's so busy right now with a hundred different projects. :) Mostly faceups!

      The pearly blue hand-cast headed out to her new home in Australia.

      She's sort of a Na'vi blue, isn't she?

      Next I need to finish the glow-in-the-dark girl for her patient aunt (:aheartbea), then it's on to the tan girl. I haven't done her finishing yet so I don't know what imperfections she has. I don't know how or when she'll be sold yet, but a lot of people have asked about her so she might go by lottery or auction or something else entirely.

      I have a ton of pictures to take, too. I've been trying out other clothes for her.
    16. Well - if :aheartbea Spampy :aheartbea is getting an Inkling, then all of our clothing issues are solved!!!

      BTW: Thanks for the info on Blythe shoes. You're absolutely right: Blythe shoes are often big/clunky to balance out B's huge head. Dollmore makes a tiny called Banji or Elf-Elly. Dollmore says that Banji/Elly can wear the small Blythe & 1/6th doll shoes, and they offer a nice selection on their site (not the boots). Ironically, the shoes are too big for their own doll, but I bet they'll fit Inkling and her family quite nicely...