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Inkling from Seed Dolls (18.5cm mature tiny)

Nov 4, 2010

    1. Inkling is now available from Seed Dolls!


      Inkling is an 18.5cm mature tiny with a curvy body and 4 expressive optional faceplates! She wears a size 3 wig and uses 4mm eyes.

      Painted Gallery is here!
      Blank photos and nude body shots can be seen here!

      Inkling was sculpted by Armeleia and is being professionally cast for awesome quality. Photos of her creation process can also be seen here on Seed's website!

      She will be available for preorder from November 3 to December 3.

      The basic doll comes with the body, headback, open-eyed faceplate (unpainted), and a pair of glass eyes. She is available in white or peach resin and comes with her seams sanded. The basic doll is $200.

      Expression faceplates (blank) are available for an additional $15 per plate.

      Faceups are $15 per faceplate.

      Ordering is done through the email form on Seed's website:

      Inkling is a 1/9th scale doll, meaning that she is sized to be a BJD for your 60cm BJD. :)
    2. Discussion thread in progress here! :)
    3. Congrats, Armeleia! Finally! XD Who's going to do the face up? Can we order custom face up or not? (^^) And... Where do I find 4mm eyeballs... (_ _) Thanks for the answers!
    4. Is she limited? I.e will this be the only preorder?
    5. Hello,

      I will be doing all the faceups. At this point there's no custom option, but you can choose the eyebrow color.

      If you check the discussion thread, someone linked a source for 4mm acrylic eyes that look pretty great. Ginaroli has also been looking into high quality 4mm glass. The doll will come default with glass, though I don't think the supplier I use does individual orders.

      I'm not sure if there will be future order periods - it will depend on how orders go this time. Sorry I can't say for sure!
    6. Hi Armeleia! Are the pre-order dates firm, or is there a chance they'll close early if there are lots of orders? (I'll probably have to wait until the end of order period if I'm going to be able to bring Inkling home, so I'd like to be sure I won't miss her!)
    7. The preorder dates are firm - I have a minimum order, but no maximum. :)
    8. Hi: Is there a pic on the site of the white resin color? I saw the factory cast of the normal color, but couldn't find a sample of the factory white. I don't want really stark white, but if it is a soft white, that would be really pretty.
    9. Wow, she is wonderful! Do you offer layaway on her?
    10. mtspal, I will ask for a color swatch from the factory to post.

      Rubyliday, I am not posting about it extensively, but I will accept layaway for $100 non-refundable deposit with the rest paid before the doll is shipped.
    11. Sooo the pre-order finishes in 3 days right? ;)