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~InkyBear's Feedback Thread~

Oct 24, 2007

    1. Greetings! :) If you have had any sort of transaction with me, please post here :aheartbea
    2. Sold her my Doc Ivan doll on a layaway basis.

      Inky has been wonderful all the way. Stuck to the plans made, paid on time and remained friendly and patient with me during the whole process. A reliable trustworthy buyer. :)
    3. inkybera commissioned some wigs from me and was very kind and fun to deal with. a very lovely person to deal with ^^
    4. InkyBear commissioned me to mod her two DOC boys. Very communicative about what she needed. Very nice to deal with all around, I look forward to working with you again!

    5. Inkybear bought some of my wings and really was great to work with :) Thanks! *hug*
    6. Inkybear participated in a group order that I ran and her communication was awesome. She always sent money promptly. I would definitely do business with her again.
    7. Inkybear commissioned a faceup from me and was a complete delight to work with. Communication was easy and friendly. I would not hestitate to recommend her to anyone!

      Thanks again Inkybear! Tell your boy I say "HI" :)

    8. Inkybear bought a violin from me! Just a lovely person to work with! Very communicative, and very understanding about any problems! She left wonderful reminders, and I'd love to work with her again! Thanks so much!
    9. purchased her mnf el from her on layaway. she was extremely understanding when I was late on a payment and sent him out within a week of receiving my full payment. Kept superb contact with me and even offered to check the doll for damage when I showed concern with the locking type 2 mechanism.

      Truthful, honest person with great communication skills. I will definitely do business with her again! Thankyou so much Inky for this opportunity!
    10. I bought the most beautiful pair of eyes from InkyBear and the transaction went off without a hitch! She followed up to make sure I got them and everything. A complete success!! Thank you so much.

      DMM :kitty2
    11. just completed a commission for InkyBear, doing some modifications to her Angell Studio Gus. she was wonderful to work with, very clear in what she wanted done. communication was prompt and plentiful. would definitely work with her again.

      thanks again for choosing me, InkyBear!
    12. Hello, I bought a Volks MSD wig from Inkybear. She was patient with my payment and it came to me in two days in perfect condition, packaged very nicely. Thank you so much, Dai looks so cute!

    13. I bought a wig from InkyBear and all the transaction went smoothly and it was perfect every way. Thanks for all again :D
    14. I just completed a commission for InkyBear and it couldn't have gone more smoothly. Communications were prompt and friendly. Payment was super-speedy. InkyBear was a joy to work with throughout. Thank you!
    15. I bought a wig from her, smooooth transaction. Would do business with again :3
    16. I just bought a wig from Inkybear, and the transaction was great. I would recommend her! Thank you!!
    17. I bought a Kirill DOC outfit from Inkybear. Fast shipping and a very nice seller! Recommended!!!
    18. Bought some MSD clothes from InkyBear and I could not be any more pleased with the transaction. Her communication was excellent throughout and the clothes were shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition, just as described. InkyBear is friendly, polite and an overall lovely person to deal with and I would not hesitate to buy from her again. Highly recommended seller! Thanks so much! <3
    19. recently completed a pair of commissions (one re-do for quality and one set of permanent scars and thigh mobility mods) and an emergency repair (broken claws) for InkyBear. as before, she was great to work with, very patient with delays, and always kept in contact. i would gladly work with her again!

      thanks again, InkyBear!
    20. I bought Latidoll Rei and Rucus heads from InkyBear. Shipping was fast and seller is really nice & quickly service. Thank you so much