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Input from Faceup Buyers and Faceup Artists

Jul 16, 2016

    1. Hello everyone, I'm looking for some input from both people who have ordered face-ups from artists and faceup artists. I couldn't find related threads:

      I sent for my first orders (2 heads) to a pro artist in China. (Heads sent Feb.9 -arrived in March but artist didn't notify me she received it until April, when I inquired).

      This person states she takes 4 - 8 weeks on a commission. I inquired her on week 10 if she was anywhere near done and if she needed more time, I won't bother her. She responded week 11 saying they were done. She would send pics later that week.

      I inquired this person in week 12 about seeing pics, no response.
      Week 13 she said she would send me pics (after I inquired) but no pics yet.

      My question is: to anyone here who has had experience ordering a faceup (and has done it before) or is an artist who gets work regularly: Is it too soon to inquire or expect anything from the artist if they did state it would take 4 - 8 weeks for a completed commission? I figured the max # of weeks X 2 heads would be 16 weeks tops. It hasn't been the complete 16 weeks yet; but do you think I'm being too pushy? Should I express that I'm a bit worried and losing confidence in her ability now or wait to the full 16 weeks (or maybe later than that). I really don't mind waiting for 4-5 months for a face-up I love, but if its done early, I would love to get it back ASAP.

      Any input would be great. Thank you in advance!
    2. I don't think you should get too worried and start a witch hunt.
      I don't think it's good service to not notify your customer if there will delays and not answering messages. I know some artists are really incapable of this. I don't think you should have to wait 16 weeks for it either. I would message her and ask her to send them back promptly and when you get them let it show in the feedback that her communication skills were lacking. I would give her 1 week to send them with tracking.

      If she does not I would say that I will open a paypal dispute (I hate tho threaten people but sometimes you have to scare people)

      • Stay calm
      • Be polite
      • Think over what you are going to say
      • Save every piece of recipe, messages and other important things
      • Remember she is a human being who might be going through something (even tho that shouldn't excuse her lateness)
    3. @krystina There are many reasons why the projected completion time (4-8 weeks) could be longer in actuality. The artist could have taken on too much work by accident or there could be weather or life circumstances delaying work. However, it's always been my belief (at the times where I took face-up commissions) to maintain contact with customers. I think it is understandable if you are worried because you are waiting a very long time for responses and are not being contacted with updates without writing first.

      @LaPlaceDemon gives you very good advice. Always be respectful and courteous, but if you become uncomfortable don't ignore the feeling. If there is a problem with your transaction at any point you should be prepared to act by contacting Paypal or notifying staff of a problem transaction that began on DoA, whichever is relevant to your situation.
    4. O yes, a witch hunt is the last thing I want!
      I think you are right, I wasn't sure about the message thing I'm glad I asked around. (I guess it seems normal that a lot of faceup artists do not keep constant communications with clients?) I don't want to message her to send them back just yet; I haven't seen pictures yet (and she says she is done with them). I will wait another week to message her again about pictures.
      As for Paypal, I think its way past the date to open a dispute - I think the only thing I can do is tell her I'll be leaving negative feedback if it comes down to it.
      I've kept all my emails - she has been pleasant so far but I feel like if I don't say anything, this whole process would take a year as she doesn't respond until asked :sweat When I do get them back, I'll definitely leave her feedback about improving on communication (in a gentle way of course!) Thank you for your input!
    5. Thank you for your advice - I'll keep in mind that she may have other things going on that are out of her control :)
    6. Paypal has increased their dispute time to 180 days so you still have time I belive
      (they count from the day you payed not ordered)
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    7. O wow, awesome! I'll definitely check my receipts transactions.
    8. To be honest, I think it is completely unacceptable to leave a customer hanging like that. The fact that they only notify you of things when you ask, the fact that they don't keep their promise of a 4-8 weeks turnaround, is very unprofessional. They own a shop: They should act like one.

      In my shop, whenever there is a delay, I contact my customers as soon as possible. That is simply basic manners. I know that in this hobby, we are pretty lenient when someone doesn't communicate and keeps expensive items belonging to someone else way past the time they said they would. But I don't think we shouldn't. Yes, something could have come up. Of course, we all live lives that deal with unexpected surprises. That's not our fault. It becomes a problem when we keep the customer waiting for days and days (or in this case: months), without notifying them. Online busineses have a responsibility to be as transparant as possible.

      I wouldn't start a witch hunt, That won't solve anything and will only damage the relationship. You are very much entitled to be more firm with them, though. Give them deadlines (I'd like to get an answer/pictures/a sign of life from you before there and then), and perhaps even tell them you'd want to be the heads finished before a certain reasonable date, or else be sent back to you.
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    9. Ahh this! I thought I would be too pushy if I thought this, but I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way. Especially coming from a person who has a dolly-business :) I don't mind asking for information, but if I (or any customer) have to initiate communication each time, it does seem a bit unprofessional on the shop owner's part.

      Thank you very much for your advice - I will definitely set up a deadline with her the week after next week (going on vacation next week) - I have a feeling I won't see pictures at all in these next two weeks. At this point, I'm just going to demand she send my heads back. I don't deserve this treatment and she doesn't deserve my business :)
    10. Most faceup artists will give you an expected timeframe, and in general I would say to relax during that timeframe if the faceups aren't done. Buuut since this person claims the faceups are completed, and all they have to do is photograph them, I think it's reasonable for you to be firm in asking for updates even though 16 weeks haven't passed. What I find most questionable is that she apparently finished the faceups but couldn't get around to taking photos for 2 weeks? Taking photos is, like, the easiest part of faceup commissions. I try not to be judgmental of other faceup artists' practices, but if they're putting off just taking pictures it seems like maybe they aren't really finished.
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    11. UPDATE 7/20:
      Hey everyone!
      Thank you so much for all your advice, it has really calmed my nerves down a bit and had me thinking clearly more. My artist got back to me and finally showed me pictures! I didn't have to request them this time, which I'm really happy about :) The face ups are gorgeous! I'm out of town till Sunday - I let the artist know. Now that she's finished with the heads and I've seen them, I don't mind the wait that's going to take for shipment from China to me in the US.
      Anyway, I'm leaving this thread up in case it could help someone else.
      I'll update with a pic of my dolls once they get here.