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Inspiration vs Reality: What to do?

Aug 13, 2019

    1. So....I'm stuck... a little bit... maybe a lot? :sweat

      I've been blessed with 3 dolls, more are waiting either to be paid for (1) and/or to arrive. (3 :nowords: )

      My crew Left to right Saint - Dollshe in Fresh skin Venitu - 5th Motif in copper oriental Grant Philippe - Dollshe in Honey Skin Peach fresh
      by Jaedalena, on Flickr

      I've told myself that I've got a good crew so I'm pretty good Just need to find one girl from Granado and pull the trigger on Ringdoll's Dracula someday and it'll all be complete. Since it's hard to find time to work on my dolls due to the humid/rainy summer weather the face ups have been postponed. But even still, I'm slow to move because... I'm happy with them as they are. I don't really have any definitive plans for them. I just wanted them, I found their looks beautiful, their character in my mind inspiring and so appealing that when opportunities arrived to purchase them I jumped on it. I look at them every day and just seeing their beautiful faces or holding their little hands makes me so happy that it's hard to move forward. I have an idea who they are, but can I make a face that expresses that? Can I put them in clothes that suit them and I "know" they'll want to wear? It's like an artist block or failure to launch or something I don't know. My feelings are muddled. So I'm stuck.

      And then there's the doll that I know I wanted but didn't have any clue what to do with him so I just chucked that idea out the window. Until it flew right back in shattering the barrier of "I don't need you." That doll is Aramis from Dollshe. I've always liked the fact that he had a smile. And not a super excited toothy smile, just a simple pleasant content Mona Lisa smile. I've seen pictures of him and he seemed either super cute or way too cool for me. I didn't know what to do with that guy so I just let it go...

      Then recently I started playing a sort of mobile game in Japanese and I love the character in it. He's so sweet and helpful since he's been essentially keeping me connected with my studies while I'm on break all the while saying sweet things and goofing off. I loooove this app.:D I was taking a break yesterday and thought, 'Oh let me see what my fave dolly sites are up to.' I saw that the mystics were on sale for the last wave of 50% off sales. And I thought... 'well there was always Adonis or Arsene, 11 days to go. Should I try???' I looked up their face ups and while looking through google images of Adonis I saw one of Aramis that jumped out at me. I was like wait, "That's... Sei?!" And after a further look through the owner's images and an edited image to see if it's possible later, I'm totally obsessed. :doh Argh!:vein

      I want a doll that smiles. I would love to have a 'real' version of this character as he's already like a cg version of a bjd because you can change his look and yet he's still the same... but I also don't wanna get stuck seeing his happy undone face. It's not a cost to be taken lightly and it's Dollshe. :| Omg, it's going to almost be a year since I placed my order for the order made Leo, and to have 3 more dolls from them waiting to be shipped? Like I've already resigned to the fact that I'm not seeing any of my dolls for like 3 years. My kids took less time to make for Pete's sake.... but I love their stuff... it's just such a friggin struggle :sigh

      Do I just give up on him because he'd be an impulse buy? Should I stop even trying to buy until all my dolls come in? Are there other options that are this nice (besides the face sculpts, I really love dollshe's male bodies)? Like... I don't even want things. I just want my dolls lol. I've curbed my spending so much since I started this hobby because I can't help but think to myself, "I'd be happier with a doll than that, I'd rather have room for my dolls than that" lol like I dunno. Are there therapists for BJD collectors?:blush

      I'm creative but I'm so slow to move on some things. And it's not like I need this so it's hard to justify. When do know when to you say "that's a great idea now let's leave it at that"? or How do you justify a purchase that isn't' planned?

      Any thoughts welcomed <3
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    2. For me, if I can afford the unplanned doll and it doesn't jeopardize any "real life" expenses and whatnot, then that's the deciding factor. If those things line up, and I really love the doll in question and can't stop thinking about it, then I go for it. Personally, I'm okay with the wait time. It's one of those things attached to the hobby. While you're waiting, you could also even work on the dolls you do have at your own pace. And if they make you happy in their current state, then that's all that matters. You're in the hobby for your own enjoyment, and you have to do what makes you happiest. They are gorgeous as they are, btw, hehe. I can see why you're so smitten!
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    3. The first thing I would like to say is that there is no correct and incorrect pace for being in a hobby. There are aspects of it that take a lot of time (like waiting for a Dollshe order xD) so no need to feel 'slow'. If you like them as they are now, why not? They are your dolls and what matters the most is your enjoyment.
      I've been in the hobby for almost 10 years and I have to admit, I have never felt my dolls are really "finished". There is always this need for new outfits or a better face-up or props... and only a limited amount of time, money and space. And sometimes I can go weeks or months without really touching my dolls. And sometimes I even get overwhelmed with the plans and ideas I have but I know I won't be able to execute (or finish). I guess, that's just a part of all creative hobbies.

      I have a couple of "unplanned" dolls, whose characters sort of wormed in: I accepted the fact I can't buy every doll I find pretty but when I have funds and I notice I obsess over a doll I would definitely regret not buying, I go for it. It's a bit tricky tho'. We are all collectors... and collectors hoard things (I meant, collect, of course) XD.
      I'm trying not to have too many dolls without a concept/character backing them up - my boundary is: even tho' some dolls are amazing, they would not fit in with my other dolls, so I just admire them from a safe distance.
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    4. Don’t feel like you’re supposed to enjoy the hobby at a certain pace or in a certain way. If you are satisfied with your blank dolls as they are, then keep them that way. If you ever aren’t, then comes the time to change it up. But don’t let concerns about nailing the customization stop you. In all my artistic endeavours I have to keep telling myself ‘good enough done is better than theoretical perfection’. My first doll went through several faceups, wigs and eye changes not only as my skills improved but as my tastes changed over the years. Almost nothing we do to these dolls is permanent so you can (and probably will) change or tweak things two, six, twelve months down the line...

      Waiting is certainly a big part of this hobby but maybe check the secondhand market for an Aramis first if you are daunted by the idea of adding another long wait to your list.
    5. Thank you all for your thoughts.

      @KSTWrites Thankfully, it wouldn't hurt my other responsibilities. It's something I can manage especially since I've never been a huge spender to begin with. But it does make me hesitate because I have so many already.

      And as for the wait... it's definitely long and I knew that going in. And as mentioned, it does allow for time to customize your current doll. I admit, if my dolls all came at once I'd feel overwhelmed as I don't think I would've gotten the chance to pay attention to them one at a time. Each of my boys I have had some quality time with which I'm really grateful for. I guess it's just a bit nerve-wracking seeing as how I don't understand Dollshe's process. Like I've seen people on the waiting list get their dolls, order made dolls no less, in as little as 5 mo from the day they placed their order. I mean, my Venitu came within 6! When I've checked, they hadn't even started or I receive no word. :ablink: I have 2 Ringdolls in the waits but their communication is so good that I'm not even worried. Since they're both sets It's almost as though I had to receive the doll, ship it to a face artist, have it returned and wait for all the clothes and eyes to arrive lol Once they come I will have already saved time because they'll come with everything so that is a relief and a time saver. ^_^

      @werelyan I feel like our thinking is similar. Creatively, I can feel overwhelmed by my various projects. But once I dive in it's blissfully consuming. And I have to admit, I worried a great deal that I would feel stressed out by my unfinished dolls/projects but I love them so much that it doesn't cross my mind whenever I see them. I do like the idea of setting a boundary. I thought I had one till this happened lol:blush

      @Havra I like your quote ‘good enough done is better than theoretical perfection’ I need to learn to move past that fear of it not being perfect. I'm still gonna love them anyway. And like you've said, I can change them as much as I want. Sigh, I need to get over myself lol
      I'll definitely see if I can keep that second hand Aramis in mind. Just need like 10 more post or something till I get to the marketplace! LOL :lol:
    6. It sounds like you really want the Aramis! I think there's nothing wrong with buying him (Or Adonis, or Arsene...) if you can do it responsibly without being short on cash for bills, food, kids, pets, etc.

      You do have a beautiful set of boys! They ARE goegeous as they are, and if you like them blank, there is no obligation to paint them, dress them, get wigs or eyes. They're your dolls, it's up to you. When I got my first 1/6 Obitsu, I felt the same way. He was so beautiful blank, I wasn't sure I wanted to paint him at all. I did in the end, but it's not necessary if you don't want to. There's no rush either, if you need to take some time to think about it. And the great thing about BJDs is that you can always wipe a faceup, as long as you use materials safe for resin! So if you do paint him and don't like it, you can always change your mind.
    7. If you have a character idea for Aramis, and you have been looking at the doll and want him, does that really make him unplanned? I would call it a plan and go on and get him if you want him. I mean, if you're ordering from Dollshe you have plenty of time to get used to the idea of another doll XD Realistically you could have all your other guys finished if you wanted to, before he ever shows up!
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    8. A lot of my dolls are blank, and while I've been meaning to give them face-ups, its ok if they stay blank for a while. I'm currently waiting for a Dollshe tiny Hound I ordered in October, though I'd love to get an Aramis and an Ausley in the same size. I'd like to have my Hound before I order more.
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    9. As much as we yearn for our dolls, the term "need" doesn't truthfully apply to them. Dolls satisfy a desire, not a need. That having been said, if you're not neglecting your real-life financial obligations--if you can afford to get that "unplanned" doll you want--there is no reason you have to justify it at all. We have all fallen to impulse (just check the Marketplace for how many listings there are for dolls bought and never touched), but impulse isn't always a bad thing. I bought Chaeri on impulse and I've had her in one form or another for over a decade.
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