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Instant/Quick BJD Family

Apr 4, 2007

    1. I'm curious and hoping that there are others out there, that like myself, have gone from 0 dolls to 3+ in a very short time. Here is the time line...

      Updated (July 26th):

      Feb. - Got into dolls
      Feb. 17th - Bought first doll (Lucius)
      Feb. 24th - First Doll Arrived (Lucius)
      March 24th - Second Doll Arrived (Snape)
      March 28th - Ordered Third Doll (Tiny-Bottle)
      April 3rd - Ordered Fourth Doll. (Narcissa)
      April 17th - Ordered FIFTH Doll! (Hermione)
      May - Dolls 3, 4, 5 arrived (Bottle, Narcissa, Hermione)
      June 1st - Ordered Doll 6. (Marvolo)
      June 11th - Ordered 4 heads and 1 body. (Ginny, Regulus, Bellatrix, Nanuri07)
      June 13th - 6th arrived (Marvolo)
      June 15th - bought 5th head. (Koodoll)
      June 17th - bought 6th head. (Luna)
      July 1st - 6th head arrived (Luna)
      July 4th - 5th head arrived (Koodoll gave to friend)
      July 7th - Heads 1-4 Arrived. (Ginny, Regulus, Bellatrix, Nanuri07)
      July 8th - Joined Group order for body for head 2. (Regulus)
      July 9th - Ordered 10th doll (Wilka/Ron)
      July 14th - Bought body for 6th head (Luna)
      July 17th - head 1 arrived/competes as doll 7 (Ginny)
      July 23rd - 6th head becomes full doll 8 (Luna)
      July 26th - Ordered 11th doll (Sanguini)

      Waiting on:
      Body for head 2. Will be Doll 9. (Regulus)
      Wilka Body/Head will be Doll 10 (Ron?)
      Uri Rich Body/Head Limited, will be doll 11 (Sanguini)

      Selling off:
      Head 3 - CP Dreaming Shiwoo Vampire (Bellatrix)
      Head 4 - CP Nanuri 07

      So in less then two months I went from 0 dolls to 4. (sigh). Along with that has been the shoes, wigs and eyes for them all. I make my own clothes for them atleast. So please tell me I'm not alone in doing this? (I know I'm lucky in having money enough to do this. And now that I have my 'family' I think I'm done for awhile).

      Edit: So I have gone in 4 months from 0 dolls to 6. Well that's better then the 0 to 4 in 2 months.

      Edit2: Now I've had a floating head explosion. In just 4 days I went from 0 to 5 floating heads. 2 of the heads however will be leaving my house. But I may have a 6th head ordered within the next day.

      Edit3: The heads found bodys, and I order a few more completely (Fullsets even) dolls. My total number once everything arrives is 11 dolls. (10 SD, 1 tiny) And that's in 6 months...sigh...

    2. I didn't go QUITE as fast... but I went from 0 to 5.5 in about 7 months. That's still pretty quick, especially since I moved during that, and I plan to order 2 more after I've moved again (since I already have the money, but simply can't transport any more on a plane). So in all, I plan to have built a complete family of 8 dolls in a total of 14 months.
      I have no idea how I am managing to do so much in so little time.

      My friends who discovered BJDs at the same time as me are in similar possitions. I think for those who have the resources, BJD families often appear quickly. You aren't alone. ^_^
    3. mm, well, first doll, november, second doll march...

      four months?
    4. I don't even want to have 4 dolls, but I got into BJDs in Febuary and will have my first this month. I would rather lavish lots of wigs, eyes, clothes and shoes on 1 then have to share clothes on many.

      Even if I can afford it, I will only be getting one a year. This way I have a year to bond with my doll.
    5. I've gone from 2 to five over the course of 1.5 months. I didn't really mean to . . . holiday and birthday money just sort of compiled and collided at the right time. It'll probably be almost a year before I can hope to afford another one. Kind of sad, because I would have liked to spread out my three new kids' arrivals a little better than that.
    6. Huh. I got into dolls a year ago. My first will be coming sometime soon.
    7. Thank you. That's nice to hear. I take some heart in that my friend went from 0 to 4 in about 4 months, but that was her and her husband (so two incomes and twice the justification).

    8. I got two at once. But I don't plan on getting any more dolls soon. ^_^
    9. Yeah.. I didn't get into it quite so fast, but something like this:
      August 2005: First interest in BJDs
      November 2005: Decided I wanted to get one
      January 2006: Ordered doll
      February 2006: Got first doll
      Sept (oct?) 2006: Ordered second doll
      November 2006: Second doll
      March 2007: Ordered third doll
      March 2007: Third doll arrived

      So, three dolls in a little more than a year (counting from when I ordered my first one til now)?
      If I had the money I would probably buy them a lot faster. xD;
    10. I would probably buy a lot pretty quickly if I could afford it. There's so many I like ^_^
    11. It took me 3 1/2 years to reach 4 dolls. I think I subscribe to Kalani's approach to doll collecting. ;-)

      But anneke, you are definitely not alone in amassing a BJD family quickly...I know plenty of people who have done the same. These dolls just seem to attract more of their kind!
    12. :doh :doh :doh :doh :doh
      December 24th - Entered in the VolksUSA for Alice
      January 1st - Won Alice and paid a few days later
      January 4th-ish - Bought Umeko
      Jaunary 6th - Umeko arrives
      March 14th - I bought Papi through Kerbey Lane Doll Shoppe
      March 15th - Alice arrives
      March 15th - I bought Luna through We Love Dolla
      March 25th - I bought Mamu on Y!JA

      March has been a busy month.... but I plan on selling Luna (I just wanted her outfit and wig), and selling Papi or Mamu (I can't decide between the 2, so I wanted to see them in person). 3 dolls in about 4 months..... No more spending for me!
    13. Well, sorta for me ^^ Not for my first, but as soon as I got my new job I got so many now ^^

      June 2006: Jin-Sung arrives
      January 2007: Sheung Fu Lee arrives
      Febuary 2007: Giovanni arrives
      March 2007: Oii arrives & Ishi arrives
      April 2007: Dae & Mei-Hau are coming >3

      It seems like every month this whole new year I've been getting a new doll. >___> I've cut of the limit with Mei-Hau and she'll be my final doll ^^ I really didn't want to complete my family so quickly, but ^^''' Oh well! Now, I can focus on their wardrobes more than getting them all.
    14. ;) There's someone I know who got into them in November or so and now has over 30.... but I'm not *sure* that "she is crazier" means we are not crazy. LOL ...
    15. Zima arrived from DoD in early January, and as soon as I got her I wanted a guy for her....so my gorgeous still un-named Lati M came to me early March. A couple weeks later I bought a Bee-A second hand from the marketplace for my daughter. I also have a poor Poppy head with no body. Now I'm cutting back my spending on darn near everything, because the NY Dollpa is coming and I'm determined to save enough money to go.

      I-Ra and E-An took a LOT of willpower to walk away from!
    16. I ordered an FCS about 3 weeks ago and then bought a Black Cat Lucas a little over one week ago! Now, I'm looking for an MSD Maria. I plan to get an Elf Uyoo in May.

      Those are the only 4 dolls I plan on having. I keep telling myself I don't need all of them at once and that I can take my time in getting them, but I don't think I'm listening. :doh :sweat
    17. I bought my first doll 3 years ago. But from the end of Feb. to today I have gotten 5 dolls and a body.
      So the last 6 weeks or so were a kinda splurge...

      Oh, Pastelflower post lots of pics of your f-34 girl when she arrives!!
    18. I'm feeling much better that others have done the same. It's nice to hear. I know it's not the norm, but when you hear about people saving and saving and how they have just one doll, and then you go to instant family, you feel abit the odd one out.

    19. I wish I could go that fast!!
    20. With the exception of Ptolemaeus and the Pups (My BW Vampire Breakaway, who came in a couple of weeks ago, and the Elf Chiwoos, who were updates for two characters who used to be MNFs-), this entire little horde of mine was acquired in 2006.

      We're trying very, very hard not to have similar population growth in 2007. O_o