Nov 28, 2016

    1. For all the musicians and music lovers,
      Who all customizes your BJDs with instruments and from where? What made you choose that particular instrument?

      I was recently at doll mansion looking at their instrument options and I am very disappointed with them. The cello has a chin rest (If you're unfamiliar with a cello, it is a large instrument, bigger than a guitar, that would never be held up with your chin. So it never should have a chin rest) and the "violin/viola" has no chin rest or bow. The guitars looked good though.
    2. I would suggest going to a music store! I am a musician and you can find many different types of instruments in varying (though usually smaller) scales. For example, I found a perfect 1/6 scale trombone with a working slide.
    3. One of my slim mini girls (1/4 scale) has a couple guitars. They're not amazing quality, but the scale is great. One was a christmas ornament, and the other I found in a souvenir shop - came with a cute case and everything.

      I'm still hunting for a piano for my other girl and will either make one or get ones of the American Girl props as they work quite well for MSDs and are nice quality.
    4. I have several guitars, but the best one is a 1:3 scale replica of a Fender Stratocaster that I got off ebay. It's not actually playable, but it's a strong, heavy metal material with actual strings and a stand. I find that for lots of props like instruments, weapons, sports equipment and similar things, I have better luck searching for whatever scale "replica" or "model" than I do looking for things made for dolls.
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    5. I found an anatomically correct doll-sized (~1/4) cello at one of the import stores in Chinatown, it's a little beat up now though.

      Also, Little Monica used to sell a pretty nice looking flute, but it's discontinued now.
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    6. American Girl sells, or used to sell some nice instruments in close to 1:3 scale. They had guitars with cases, lutes, mandolins and some other things.
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    7. hello.... ahmn... my girls are based from the anime k-on... i bought their guitars from kids section .... its size.. but i cant find an sd sized drum set....
    8. Luts has some brass instruments - not sure what size. eBay is a good place to look (because they have American Girl accessories that are well made) and you can find all sorts of shops.
    9. i found a beautiful small violin in an antique/curiosity shop. whilst i dont have a doll to match its proportions with yet, its probably more suited for MSDs... i need an SD sized violin for my incoming doll, since his character plays it. i'll have to have a good look around!
    10. I've found an amazing clarinet while at a tourist shop. Small little store but they had all kinds of replica instruments perfect for most msds. They even came with stands and lovely little cases with velvet lining. I've also found an artist who sells custom made harps and pianos, her shop is BJD Attic.

      Other than that, I've found most people getting lucky stumbling across them in antique shops, curiosity shops, and any place that specialized in ornaments usually has a wide variety. If you're looking to make a case for them you can buy one of those plain Michael's boxes (or any crafts store, really) with the latch that fits your needs, paint and line it yourself. :3 Could even add little carrying straps!
    11. Look for Christmas ornaments as well.
    12. Crobidoll used to have a very nice violin, not sure if it's still available. I have that, and a viola my sister found somewhere in a flea market store kind of thing ... I'm still on the hunt for a nice flute though, all I've seen are ... not so great. I haven't managed to find an acoustic guitar either, and I'll end up making a piano myself because reasons.
      Parabox used to have nice things too, but they appear to be gone. They were mosly 1/4 scale.

      This is the viola. No idea where it originated from, sadly.
    13. I have a guitar and a violin I got from I saw a saxophone at a local Christmas ornament shop I plan to buy, I want a doumbek and a harp, and maybe a lute.
    14. I have been looking for a long time trying to find a saxophone for my SoulDoll Vito (52cm) but I haven't been able to find it.
      Maybe I should start looking for Christmas ornaments as rosalynmouse said... but if someones has any clue of where to find one, better in europe, it would be great.
      Here in Spain you can find some miniature instruments near 1/4 scale in some cigar stores like guitars from several kinds but not much more.
    15. I want a harp for one of my 1/6 scale dolls, and will check and Etsy as well as ebay. I might try to find a clarinet or flute for one of my smaller dolls, so dollhouse scale might work for her.
    16. I haunt thrift shops LOL I got a very nice drum set from one of those catalogs of cheap stuff that always show up at holiday time. I've gotten stuff from the MP & doll meets, & from the toy section (the electronic keyboard...)
      I just look all the time!
    17. The store I found the saxophone in is called the Holly Shop, West Mound Street, Nashville, Indiana,47448 USA, in case you want to contact them. Their phone is 812-988-9453
    18. I have a 1/4th scale guitar that's always been the PERFECT prop for my boy Rom, but now that he's been re-shelled at a larger size I'm working on a replacement! I'm actually making my own 1/3rd guitar to replace it because those die-cast replicas can be really nice but I think they're too heavy for me to feel comfortable posing him with. Besides, this way he gets the "black cherry" Les Paul he's always wanted!
    19. I have recently seen many people create their own as they have not found ones in store that they like. Maybe you could find them on here, Facebook or other online communities...
    20. I have a number of doll sized instruments. I get them from everywhere like fairs, thrift stores, even some common ware houses may offer something in a suitable size. My bf got a really nice guitar from a shop and I've had mr Bach pose with it a couple of times.

      And yes, he's wearing a Doctor Who cosplay :).