Interchanging fairyline parts

Jan 4, 2020

    1. This may be a silly question, but does anyone know whether Realfee fantasy parts, such as horns and wings will work on the Minifee fairyline bodies? I have an idea for a character and am wanting really small wings, and maybe horns.
    2. @NikkiB The head magnets should work. But my Realfee’s wings don’t sit properly on my Fairyline’s shoulders. They tend to shift to one side or the other and the neck clasp is too narrow. I can make them balance for pictures but I would find it frustrating to always have to adjust them.

      You might be able to find minifee wings on the market place though. And I recall some etsy shops also sell wings.
    3. Thanks. I just got a second hand Ina and thought the small wings would be cool
      for a character I’m developing, but I’ll look around for minifee wings or just make some. That makes sense that the wings would shift. The realfee wings are probably too small for the back magnets to match up with the minifee.
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    4. The Realfee wings don’t fit minifee,but some of the Littlefee ones will work. I can confirm the Littlefee Halloween event bat wings fit Minifee for sure.