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Interested in a very tiny, realistic baby BJD?

Oct 26, 2008

    1. I wanted to see if anyone else here is like me, always looking for babyish BJD's, and the tinier, the better. There are very limited choices out there. There are baby Supias, but what if there was something even tinier and more adorable? Like, 10cm or less, with baby proportions (big head, little potbelly, short chubby limbs)? I'm talking about something the size of Elfdoll's baby pig Julia, but human. I know I would buy a doll like that in a heartbeat.
    2. 10 cm and with a pot belly? How about Naripons? :)
    3. No, Naripons are not quite realistic baby sculpts... I'm talking about the classic human baby appearance. I'm not sure how I'd classify naripons... they are definitely little creatures with attitude, but they are not babies.
    4. Oh absolutely!:D I am a great lover of sweet, round, chubby little baby-like faces and bodies and as you say, the tinier the better! Though I would love a larger mold of that ilk aswell.. Definitely though, I'm looking always for a realistic sculpt with real life proportions in the tinies category and aside from the Supia Babies, I've not seen too many. I adore the stylized molds of course as I have three Wishels and I love them so so much:aheartbea but I want very much to find a more realistic face with a short, chubby, stubby little bodyXD I've often daydreamed of finding a realistic infant or toddler bjd with all the realistic little details; plump little hands, feet, fingers and toes, protruding tummies, fat little arms and legs, realistically proportioned eyes, a well defined nose and a face that's all cheeks:D I don't in any way mean to criticize any existent tinies nor the artists or companies responsible for their production. I have a great love for all kinds of different dolls and simply because one might be more or less realistic than another has no bearing on my interest or appreciation of that doll. I do find myself yearning for a more realistic sculpt though and I keep watching out for it;)
    5. The Orientdoll So series are VERY babylike and quite adorable. This So-Ui was painted as a sprite baby. I do believe they also come with human ears--

      If you mean closer to those oversized porcelain or vinyl baby dolls--ick, no! I find the ones with the frozen-in-place crying faces particularly creepy. (And that's before the OOAK repaints into vampire or ghoul baby dolls start cropping up on ebay this time of year!)
    6. I found one on topic one...in the marketplace...let me see if i can find it...
    7. What about the little Lati White, they can look like very small babies if dressed right.
    8. I saw the OT website... those are larger, I think Petite Ai size. I was thinking more baby and tiny.
    9. I would say Lati white also- especially if you have a more mellow faceup. My Pury has such cute hands, cheeks, and feet. And an adorable belly :chibi

    10. The So are 12cm or 4.5".
    11. I also love the So dolls for their cute babyish "I need you" expressions. I got one, and then quickly got another. My only problem is finding tiny outfits besides those made for Kelly. Guess I'll have to get out my ribbon & lace and start stitching......
    12. Yes, the Orientdoll So size and Lati White lines are adorable... but I have something else in mind, which is hard to describe in detail when there is no actual doll like this in production. The Supia babies are the closest thing to what I'm talking about, but I was thinking of something even smaller in height, and pudgier. Also, the Supia babies are not true BJD's (their joints are partial balls that are built in with the arms and legs, so their flexibility is limited.
    13. The Secretdoll Yogi is close, I think. 10 cm. I've got a tan one on order from Denver Doll Emporium.
    14. I didn't realize a baby would be so hard to find. I have to admit that I never liked baby dolls myself (though I'm crazy about the real things, LOL) However, my darling baby daughter loves baby dolls best, and I've learned to appreciate them better :) I sure hope you find one some time soon!
    15. Secretdoll Yogi is cute... not exactly what I had in mind, but I have completely lost it and ordered one from DDE. All I can say is, I hope it takes a while to arrive, because with the LittleFees I ordered... I am spending a ton of money without meaning to. That's it. No more dolls until 2009 for me.

    16. LOL, thats what we all say and Soom hasnt even released its last two dolls for the year LMAO, the Yogi was the other doll I was thinking of, ugly little buggers LOL

      Buuuut I made good use of my chronic insomnia and scoured the internet and after 6 sepearte searches on google, yahoo and excite I did not turn up a BJD baby, buuuut if it were just to be used as a prop ther were some UBER cute polymer babies on evil-bay and various doll sites that were around 2-3 inches long, perfect detail in everyway and all priced under $30....

      Otherwise.... why not make one? For something that small the cost of the materials would be next to nothing :)
    17. Me make one? LOL, I am not that talented. Plus, I'm a stay-at-home mom with a very energetic one-year-old. He has an early bedtime, but by the time he's asleep, I doubt I would have the energy to try to sculpt a doll. I would love for the artists out there to sculpt BJD babies, though.
    18. BJDMSB: I think you're having a problem finding a doll in that aesthetic criteria on this board because other than baby supias baby doll like dolls don't really fit the DoA aesthetic criteria. The proportions are closer to porcelain dolls and that's not the focus on DoA.

      Baby doll proportioned dolls are more prevalent in communities that focus on reborn dolls or vinyl miniatures.

      The only thing that comes to mind that is close to anything you describe that is on-topic is a rei-tenshi but they have non-removeable wings and are often not extremely jointed. Not to mention the second market price rivals that of SD sized dolls.
    19. Aree, I know about the other baby doll communities, but I am interested in BJD's now. Nothing compares to the flexibility/posability, expressiveness of the eyes and faces, and fun of being able to change features so easily. Hopefully in time more artists will make realistic baby-like BJD's. I know it's a new concept, but I think it would be a lot of fun to have doll "families" with babies and toddlers.

      The rei-tenshis are completely unaffordable for me, considering what people are trying to sell them for. They are cute, but it would be better of their joints were movable.
    20. There are some artists who primarily make OOAK dolls, who are dabbling in making BJD dolls, including babies. Tina Kewy comes to mind, but there are others. As said above you won't find them on DoA as they are OT but it might be worth asking how much to make you one. Tina was talking about making jointed miniature babies and if you check out her blog history she's make some ooak toddler bjd's which were gorgeous.