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interesting supia60 facts

Apr 24, 2006

    1. her feet are big,lol so lots of shoes don't fit.
      her hips are bigger blah blah

      but! her hands can sort of grip you so if she is laying down you can put one finger underneath her fingers and pick her up,,, she will hang by your fingers, very cool tidbit i thought worth mentioning.

      is there a supia database???? us owners should get a base going so we can update on what shoes etc fit her well.

      she is so pretty! nice nice shoulders and neck btw
    2. i will check it out!!!

      lol, hey supia swings and everything!!
    3. Ok, thanks for the info! I didn't know of this girls existence really as she wasn't on the Supia website, but of course her being limited I guess she wouldn't be there anymore....I had thought Supia60 was a loose reference to their being SD size - silly me, but I'm still learning ;)
    4. Resurrecting this thread for my own purposes! :dance

      I'm on a mission to slake my own curiosity!

      I recently placed one of the Supia60 girls on layaway, and I've got a bee in my bonnet to discover the whereabouts of the other 19 girls from the 2006 order.

      Please note this does not refer to Rosy, Roda, Lina or Lana. Supia60 was a unique sculpt released only once in a limited run of 20 dolls. This was before Dollfair began acting as International Sales Agent for Supia, so Supia60 was either purchased directly from Yu Jin/Supia, or through the group order that was run by Amelia_aa on DoA, and had 14 participants (sadly that thread seems to have been purged :...( MAN that would have been helpful!).

      So! I've collected as much information as I could glean by meticulously going through posts here on DoA, but I've hit a wall! I need Supia60 owners, past and present, to give me their input on where the girls are now!

      I'm especially interested in knowing the edition numbers of the individual girls (XX/20), as that really helps track their movements.

      Here's the information I've collected so far: Chart!
      (I've left myself off the chart since I haven't fully paid for her, yet)

      Please don't share personal information about other people who have (or have had) Supia60s. As much as I'd love to show up at these people's doors and interview them, I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate that information being shared without their consent. :sweat I'd like DoA user names or first names only. If you know someone, but they don't post here, feel free to email them and direct them to me, or give me their user name and the link to a forum that they do frequent.

      I'm *so* heart-set on this information, I'd be happy to make a gift for the hard-to-dress Supia60s for each owner who helps me complete the chart! (To be shipped after I have my own Supia60 in hand and can make patterns, of course).

      Thanks SO much in advance to anyone who can give me a lead!

      :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea

      (I've also created a Flickr group for Supia60, link is in my sig)
    5. Aww, no one has any leads on existing Supia60s out there? :(
    6. You could try contacting the person that ran the original group order?
    7. Thanks Therese, I don't suppose you know who that was? The thread seems to be long gone.
    8. I'm pretty sure it was Amelia_aa. Could be wrong though... Also I presume you've checked this Supia database. It has some of the newer dolls too, but there are a few 60s in there as well.
    9. Ah, thanks! Yes, I contacted Amelia_aa but she didn't get around to sending me photos. Maybe I'll ask if her if she wouldn't mind pointing me in the right direction. :)

      I did comb the database, plus other gallery threads, and managed to glean most of the numbers I have from there. *sigh* I feel like I'm so close to completing the list, yet I'm helpless because I'm not willing to be pushy enough to get the folks who haven't answered me to cough up some info. ;)

      Thanks for your help, Therese!
    10. No worries!! Another person you could try to contact would be the artist, since some of the dolls (like Hannya) were bought directly from Supia.
    11. This is totally unhelpful to your efforts to charter the Supia60 girls, but: oh, I thought only I got a bee in my bonnet to this extent - but it seems I have company! Good luck with your quest!
    12. Ha, no, I certainly get OCD about things, especially when I'm impatient for something to arrive! ;)
    13. Awww that's so kind :)
      I have no info what-so-ever (sorry:sweat), but friendly bump for you :)
    14. Hopeful plea for info!
    15. :bump I was home early from work today and I'm on the prowl for info again! :aheartbea
    16. Huge thanks to Angeline425, who helped me complete the entry for her Supia60, Sophie!

      Anyone else have any info on Supia 60 girls out there? :D
    17. So I've completed Angeline425's information, discovered that Namfon's Supia is the #12 that Lilystar currently owns, and decided that if Yu-Jin sent Catrina a Supia, it was probably #3 (as the photos I have from Yu-Jin's cyworld page seem to show two beige and one alabaster girls).

      Am I right? Wrong? I need your help to know for sure!

      If you've ever owned, pursued, seen a Supia60 girl, please PM me with what you remember!