Interesting Tiny restringing aids

Aug 3, 2005

    1. Hi -

      I found some things that seem to be very useful when working on the stringing of my Elfdolls.

      1. Plastic seaming pins (a knitting accessory)

      These pins are like fat slightly-flexible toothpicks with one easy-to-grab end:


      These seem to work very well when you need something to keep a tiny's elastic loop from slipping inside the doll (at the neck, wrist, etc.)

      2. Plastic sewing needles (a knitting accessories)

      A slightly more expensive alternative to the pins but will let you easily pull another elastic or fishing line through the elastic loop when you are ready. I bought one bag of pins and a pack of two plastic sewing needles.


      I also have some small hemostats I bought on Ebay, the thinnest doll elastic I could find on Ebay, and a tweezers.

    2. Thanks for the tips!!! I REALLY need to restring my Elfdoll Adel - I'm just scared. Was there a size on the elastic by any chance?

      :daisy Dena
    3. The elastic I got on Ebay had this title:

      Doll Repair -Stringing Elastic 10 yards Miniature Dolls

      It is described as:

      1/32" (.5MM) in diameter. For small all bisque dolls and miniatures~ 6" tall or less .

      Seller was wbdolls1

      I have not actually done started restringing yet but it seems like a reasonable size. I have two adopted Elfdolls. Min has some face stains and is faceup-less, and needs a new wig, so I have her head off for cleaning as a start. Min also needs a leg restringing for crazy legs. Dodo needs her arms strung (they are off) and needs both hands and a foot attached.

      BTW - at in the Community section are some postings showing the stringing of a large doll and the foot attaching method for a Tiny. They told me the tinies are strung like the big ones but the hands and feet are tied onto the elastic with fishing line (some people use heavy carpet thread instead).

    4. Thank you! ^^
    5. usefull thread :D
      I would also be lost without a length of wire and hemostats
    6. Carolyn... tinybear... HELP MEEE........ I think I need to re-string my friend's Elfdoll who is here for a visit... seems an eternity...

      I was trying to make her headcap perform better so she could play more with wigs. Failed miserably in THAT regard, nothing I tried worked, so I officially give up. But, now, her elastic in her neck is starting to come apart, and I don't think there's anything I can do about that (is there)? Other than restring her. I've never restrung ANY doll, let alone one this tiny, and I'm terrified of ruining her/breaking her/ not doing it right.

      help help somebody... I am lost, I don't know what to do, I will have to tell her I may have messed up her doll! :crushed
    7. Oh Hi sweetie ...dont panic :D
      get yourself some round elastic (I call it hat elastic ) if you want to PM me I will drop some in the post on Wednesday (without the car tommorow )
      the worse thing about re-stringing an Elf is th 2 holes in the body
      ..., but I found the easiest way was to use my bit of wire and 2 peices of elastic , one for each leg - tie on the feet first , thread on the legs and loop the wire and pull the elastic through
      and knot it in the head , leaving a loop for head cap
      if your friend wants to swap wigs a lot , Davonna has tiny tiny elf doll wigs stock she just hasnt photographed them , she would only need the blank head cap then and wouldnt have to swap the head cap at all
    8. just read your friends with you , so if I post it it will take ages to get to you
      the beauty with the tinys you dont have to get "special " elastic ,
    9. I could just get whatever elastic they sell with the sewing notions?? I guess I could take her along and try to pick the same size... this is terrifying, I'm so afraid of messing her up. OMG. I wonder if I could pay somebody in the states to restring her for me... I am, most definitely, panicking. I feel like I ruined her doll.

      I do have a blank headcap for her...
    10. dont worry Sher , its nothing that cant be fixed ...wish I lived my you ,
      I could have her restrung in half an hour , honestly it is that easy , I did all of mine .
      And the Aga :grin:
      LOL perhaps I should move to the US :grin:
      I bought my elastic from my local market , its easy to find ,
      there is also a tutorial on RainMans site ,I will see if I can find it for you :daisy
    11. I think you should. Move to the US that is... then I could play with all your dolls too!! :D

      She is VERY kicky in the hips, if I restring her, should it be a little looser there or something??
    12. sounds like she has crazy leg , yes losening the elastic will help :grin:
    13. Tinybear -

      Could you explain how your stringing method differs from the one shown at ( in the Community section ).

    14. I cant find the tutorial .. :crushed .is it the one for the Rainy doll ? or an Elf ?..I got the Rainy one

      ...I will see if I can take some pictures for you today , I was taking som photos of Pippin yesterday , she has terrible crazy leg will get some shots of her as I take her apart :grin:
    15. Elfdoll_Oko who answers questions at told me the tinies are strung the same as the big Rainman dolls so the stringing photos are for both.

    16. :barf sorry I just havent got arround to pictures ...I have had a terrible cold come on :crushed

      I hate heat and colds ..Im such a woose
    17. Should I look into WIRING her? Okay here is Noobie Dumb Question 52....

      When people say "wired" it seems they can mean 2 diff things. 1, just putting a short length of wire in a hip, or knee, to help with crazy leg, OR, 2) meaning that instead of elastic, the doll is WIRED - everwhere -.................

      Should I think about wiring pixie? if I did, what would that "mean" for an elfdoll? I feel so lost with this doll... at least I know I never want one, :| :| :| she is really killing me.

      I want her to be able to stand. I wnt her to be able to pose, and I WANTED her headcap to be easy on/easy off (I give up on that pipe dream). So...experts.. .HELP ME! what do I do? restring and just put a short length of wire in knees/hips? or do I totally wire her, and if so, how do I do that? i really am getting to hate this little doll.......
    18. Im feeling a little better thi eveing , I will see if Pip will let me take her apart , give me a few hours :grin:
    19. I have not wired yet, but from what I understand you just stick a short straight length of about 22 gauge craft or floral wire, inserting it from the top(?) of the thigh, threading it down through the knee into the calf(?) so there is wire and elastic at the knee. Is that right?

      And I think you may have to loosen your elastic a bit first if it is overly tight?

      Is that correct?

    20. Ok dont some Pippin is not a happy bunny ..she didnt like being taken apart LOL


      Ok I found it much easier to cut 2 lengths of elastic , tie both feet on their respective peices of elastic, , the tiny elf doll has 2 holes in the lower half of the body , one leading from each leg ., use a long length of wire to pull the elastic up through the body and out of the neck hole , ...remember for each leg might be a bit tough pulling it past the arm elastic , but it will go
      knot it off at the neck .
      I found the worse part was forming the secon loop to go over the head cap U ...but I did it , you can see the resuts in the picture
      hope this helps Sher .. if you need any help PM me